{Letters from Twinner}

Friday, April 15, 2011

Most of you know I have a twin sister named Sarah. Sometimes I like to call her Sarah Elizabeth Latoya Rainbow Richmond. She's pretty legit. Currently Twinner lives in Berkeley (way too far away if you ask me). She's been roasting coffee for the past 6 years and is about to graduate from EMT school. BAM! If you'd like to read more about her tattoos, see her roaster, or check out photos of us riding bici's down a volcano while wearing woobie capes you can. We kind of have a lot of fun together. That said, I'm super excited to have my younger sister (by 1 minute) featured as today's guest letter writer!

Dear Neighbors, some would call you landlords, but I call you friends. Thank you for the loving sendoffs, high-five celebrations after passing my exams, and for keeping a close eye on my missing Smartwool socks that sometimes get left behind in the laundry room. You're pretty much the shiz served with a side of b-side awesomeness.

Dear Siblings, less than 27 days before we all get to rally in BigD to celebrate Tim Tam's graduation. So freaking excited that I might just shimmy across the hardwood's in my jammers until May 12th.

Dear Hammock, thank you for making my entire afternoon. Taking naps in a bright orange biscuit is more magical than riding a flying saucer to the moon.

Dear Twinner, yesterday you asked me how to spell "bisentinial" because it's one of your favorite words. Pretty sure you earned yourself two points for cutieness and three points for most random text ever. PS, I officially nominate you spelling bee princess of the bicentennial universe.

Dear Walk to Work
, you are the perfect pace for a slow kid, especially on days when even thinking about riding my bici gives me whiplash.

Dear Mr. Rateliff & The Wheel, less than two weeks before I get to see you play at Bottom of the Hill. Can't wait to stomp my feet to Whimper & Wail and rock my fake mustache and blue bandanie!

Dear Mr. McFeely, this week you delivered one of the most uhmazing packages e-v-e-r. Thank you for the gift of something tangible to remind me of the power of being truly known.

Dear Ms. Freyman, the other day I mentioned buying groceries at the Berkeley Bowl. Then you asked if I shopped at a bowling ally. (Insert all kinds of awesomeness right here).

Dear EMT Externship, can't wait to go lights and sirens with you in just a few weeks. I mean, what more can a girl ask for than getting to wear turnouts and suspenders to work?? Holla.

Dear Readers, thank you for creating such a beautiful community of compadres, near and far. Your stories and comments are nothing short of inspiring!


Happy Freakin Weekend, Homies! Twinner asks: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

PS, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway! With 405 comments left as of this morning I'm still sayin there's a chance. Just leave a comment on our giveaway page sometime before Sunday!


Han said...

Hello Twinner! I am so excited about the milkshake night we're having. Mr CJ has offered to get me jelly babies so that I can try a jelly baby milkshake (actually sounds really weird lol) I would try malteasar milkshake but I gave up chocolate for Lent lol.

Hope you have a good weekend lovelies!

Ashley said...

In honor of tax season being done (woo hoo for me) and the hubby being halfway done with his MBA (smarty pants) we're going to shimmy and shake down to the Bodies Revealed exhibit, followed by dinner and adult beverages at a local brewery with good friends.

Teresa said...

Mmm this weekend...thunderstorms on Saturday, tennis on Sunday and the look on my husband's face when he comes home tonight and sees *just* how short i cut my bangs.

Rachel said...

Getting to spend my weekend with my love!

Today's Letters said...

t-to-tha-winner, looking forward to making dinner and watching made in dagenham tonight with tim tam, getting muddy at the warrior dash tomorrow, seeing more dead fish at the lake, taking 24 naps to the sound of spring break 1989 outside our bedroom window, and getting the rest of the dirt out of my leg wound. wanna come over and help?

Ames said...

we <3 EMTs at this Loerke house! Go Sarah go!

Chelsea said...

I am most excited about the Sweetwater 420 Fest this weekend! Good Beer and Good Music.. what more could I ask for?

Anonymous said...

Going to London. from Riga . from Latvia (Eastern europe). to England. (the Kingdom). And waching this http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/music-for-a-royal-wedding/default.aspx on Sunday night. live.
I can't believe it eather. but it's true.


Shandell said...

yay Sarah! I am most looking forward to the farmer's market with my boys in the morning and a baby shower for a friend with my mom in the afternoon. I love Saturdays!

Courtney Pennington said...

I am looking forward to a skype date with my fiance (long distance engagements are not very fun, buuut sa-weet technology helps a bit). Also...GUESS WHAT? I am one minute older than my twinzie brother Andrew. Pretty ding dang cool. And yes, I hold it over his head allll the time!

Courtney Pennington said...

P.S. The word I just had to type to post the post right above this was moothers. It made me laugh. out. loud. Then I made up this joke....what did the cow call him mommy?

*wait for it*


*insert hysterical laughing*

Megan said...

It's date night! Woo! Then the beach tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the range of letters! What a great treat the guest letters have been.

As for this weekend: My boyfriend and dad finally get to meet tomorrow! Beyond that: Eating homebaked goods, drinking coffee at my fave coffeeshop, reading, and flying a kite.

me and the boys said...

oh my goodness, sarah and emily, you are both just so stinkin cute!

much love, jrob

p.s. what did the cherry say to the banana?


Heather said...

Wooh for EMT's!! Graduated from EMT training a few years ago...miss it/love it!

Looking forward to a reading, relaxing, and trying a new pancake recipe!

Kate said...

Certifying 9 new NLS lifeguards, after 2 full weekends of training. Then enjoying a big cup of hot tea at home with my kids. Waiting for the snow to melt, so I can go for a run in my new Newton runners.

Alysa said...

Awww...I love you girlies! P.S. Sarah roasts some amazing coffee :)

Kelsey said...

yay for twinners! I'm one too and let me tell you shes so great she just might rival Sarah Elizabeth Latoya Rainbow Richmond. Such a fun bond to have! (she also asks me how to spell words all the time)
and the weekends over but I was looking forward to it because I got to drive out to LLYC for a staff training weekend. and its my first year on staff. road trip, new friends, and camp during april all deserved major fist pumps.

Olivia said...

Where can I buy some coffee from your sistern? Online, perhaps?

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