{MR340 Race Update!}

Monday, April 18, 2011

This week a significant amount of Benjamin's were donated towards our MR340 expenses leaving us with only $2,480 left to raise. Can you believe it? Only $2,480! So far we've raised a total of $9,520 for our race which we think is UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!

{This weekend Mr. McFeely delivered our Kokatat Orbit Tour PFD's}

This week's NEW Race Sponsors:
Sara & Adam Hammack
Frank & Maria Beck
Stephen & Stacie Mahelona
Julie Granberry
Anonymous {I heart them}

{Did you know PFD's are great to wear while folding laundry?}

If you'd like to make a donation we'll gladly put your name on our River Rocket for all to see as we float down the Mighty Missouri. (I promise your name will give us more mojo than flames).

If you'd like to donate $100.00 or more we'll also add your company logo to our River Rocket and blog sidebar through the end of July. Werd.

On Saturday Em and I spent another afternoon paddling at White Rock Lake. The water was the calmest it's ever been which allowed us to do a little exploring. We ran into 4 trees, found 7 tennis balls, and dodged 284 branches that had blown into the lake from Friday's wind storm. We're happy to report: NO DEAD FISH.

I even got to try paddling at the bow for a bit while Em practiced steering. Clearly I need a lesson on how to not drench the right side of my torso. Not sure if the feather on my paddle was off or if the sun was just roasting me on that side. Either way it was another great day of sore traps, new blisters, and good conversations with my sweet mama-to-be.

This Thursday Em and I are heading down to Austin to spend a few days with our buddy West. Our goal is to install bigger foot pedals so it doesn't feel like my feet are pushing on graham crackers when steering. We also hope to get our lights rigged and then spend a full day paddling on the Colorado River.

Some of you have asked how we got connected with West Hansen. (This is the guy who wins the MR340 each year and has set records in every division except women's tandem. (Sorry Wester). The truth is the paddling community has been incredibly receptive to two newbies like Em and I who are trying to learn the ropes. West has not only taken time to teach us the simple difference between single and double blade paddles, but he's also helped us track down our boat, install our seats, move our steering, and was there for our first paddle out on Town Lake. He's believed in us from the beginning and treated us like his comrades. This has made all the difference in our confidence that we can actually do this thing and FINISH.

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in the MR340, Texas Water Safari, Gritty Fitty or other kayaking races we think you'll be blown away by those willing to help. The paddling community rivals that of an ancestral Samoan Tribe and we couldn't be more humbled to be a part of it.

Over and out,
Em & Em


Amanda Moury said...

It is so, SO awesome to be able to follow you and Em every step of the on this journey :) Can't wait to see the accomplishments - actually, I think you've already achieved a few :) happy monday my friends <3

Today's Letters said...

thanks amanda! training for this race has been a blast. i can't wait until it's actually here! xo

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