{Sseko Sandals}

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guess what the Pony Express delivered today? My new Sseko Sandals! I first learned about Sseko last week when founder, Liz Bohannon, submitted a photo of Team Sseko for Fist Pump Friday.

Liz and her husband, Ben, spend time living in Portland and Uganda working with the women at Cornerstone Leadership Academy who hand make each pair of Sseko sandals allowing them to earn money towards a university education. (Watch the response to their recent exam scores here!).

This year Sseko started a new project called the Sole Sisters Challenge. If you're in a sorority I highly encourage you to watch the video below. (It's definitely worth 1:34 of your time!).

To find out more information about the Sseko Sole Sisters Challenge and how you can help during recruitment week, feel free to send Liz an email at liz{at}ssekodesigns{dot}com. One thing's for sure, if Tim and I ever visit Portland we know who's couch we're sleeping on!



Felicity said...

How cute is that they've added this music to their video!?!
I'm off to check the website because these are the kind of sandals that 'this' sister loves!

Thanks for sharing,

x Felicity

Lima said...

Shut the front door, I'm waiting for mine to come in! Can't wait.

Teresa said...

Awesome! Thanks for passing on a heads up about a great company...I am sensing the need to celebrate half-birthdays this year for my sisters & me. Just in time for summer!

Jhan said...

Wow. This is a lovely cause.... and such cute sandals. I could definitely support it. :-)

Megan said...

Just ordered a new pair - I am OBSESSED with this cause!

Today's Letters said...

felicity, super cute and super comfortable. me loves!

lima, so fun! how did you hear about them? perfect for summers in chitown.

teresa, you will love. promise. (and your sister will love you!)

jhan, liz bohannon is a rockstar. i don't endorse products i don't believe in. sseko's are the shiz.

megan, wahoo! they will become your new summer woobie. xoxo

Lima said...

Through a student here at Taylor. She told me last year but I waited till the this Spring to get them. A little thesis gift to myself. Planning to walk across the stage across graduation with them :)

kelsey said...

very cool! i just recently heard about these sandals through a style blog!

Leslie said...

Hmm. I've tried commenting a few times but I don't think my computer cooperated (if it did and you received like 3 of the same comments from me, sorry about that!)

Anyway, I LOVE these sandals! What a great cause. I'm already a huge fan of TOMS shoes, so I just might have to add these sandals to my summer wardrobe. Thanks for sharing them!

-Leslie (the same Leslie that sent you a letter on super awesome Harry Potter stationary!)

Kristina said...

Dear Emily, it's been three years since you published this post and that means it has also been three years since I heard of Sseko Sandals for the first time. Back then I fell in love immediately but I was afraid to order them due to international shipping. Two other summers came and went and I still hadn't ordered a pair although I really wanted one. They are so pretty and I love supporting a good cause with my purchase. Last week I finally purchased a pair and two straps. When they were delivered today I made a little happy dance because I have been basically waiting for them for years :D
Thank you so much for supporting the Sseko ladies and for sharing their story on your blog. If it hadn't been for you I probably would have never heard of them.
Happy Thursday, Kristina

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