{Letters from Josh Garrels}

Friday, May 20, 2011

I first heard of Josh Garrels almost 10 years ago when I was a senior in college. I remember Twinner mailing me a copy of Stone Tree saying, "this guy's gonna be big someday." I wish I could tell you how much Josh's music has impacted my life over the years. His voice is unlike anything I've ever heard and his lyrics are beyond powerful. (He's also Mr. Loerke's favorite musician). I hope you enjoy getting to know Josh and his beautiful family better. We could couple crush these guys ALL DAY LONG!

Dear Portland, I'm so glad we didn't break up with you. Although your long seasons of rain and grey skies made us threaten to leave you, I can truthfully say that the grass is not greener anywhere else. You're unique among cities, and we look forward to investing our time, prayers, and rent money into making this relationship work.

Dear Road, we still love the adventure and open horizon that you provide, but alas, I'm afraid we'll have to remain "just friends." I know we were planning on packing up our life and putting it all in storage, buying an F-250 diesel truck, and living out of an airstream camper while touring the country as a family ... but in the end it just wasn't meant to be. We'll still visit you often, but we can't abandon all for you. "If life is a highway, I (don't) want to drive it all night long." I pretty much want to go home and get some rest before my kids are up at 6am.

Dear "Love & War & the Sea In Between," what an exhilarating ride! Honestly, I didn't think we'd make it, for no album has ever pulled me so deep into the disorientation and darkness of the "artistic process" as you did. I thought I lost my way a few times, but so many people came alongside to help nurture you into maturity. Now you're all growed up and ready to brave the world on your own. You don't have anything to prove -- just be yourself!

Dear Mitchy, you're such an honorable and daring woman that I get to have as my friend and wife! I love that you're skeptical of the normal life while being a carrier of peace. You've inspired me to live into my destiny while holding my hand through the dark, prickly, and wounded places in my life. Only you could tame "the beast."

Dear Heron and Shepherd, you guys are rad, and not just because you share half of my DNA. You two are truly magnificent, funny, wild little creatures. What better way to disengage from the esoteric headspace of exploring symbols and concepts than to dance, laugh, and wrestle with you guys after a day of work (and then clean your poo and sweep up half your meal from the floor). You guys make life magic and meaningful in ways I never could have imagined.


BTW, Josh's new album, "Love & War & the Sea In Between," will be released on June 15th for FREE. Talk about Christmas coming early! You can also check out his other albums on iTunes HERE. Some of our favorite songs are SISU, Rabbit & the Bear, Words Remain, Fire By Night, Candlenight, Joyful Boy, and Father Along.

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Han said...

Your kids are so adorable! I love the idea of going on holiday and staying in an Airstream - I love them! I think it's a US thing so we might have to do that when I one day make it to the US of A

Amanda said...

love it!

Steve said...

Thanks Josh (and Loerke's for giving him some space). I've been a fan since the old days in Indiana - any chance the Midwest will see you again?

meme-and-he said...

what an adorable little family...I loved reading this!

Timothy Loerke said...

Josh, great letters! I have always admired your ability to write and your musical ability compliments this gift. Thank you for filling in for me and blessing the world with your talent!

the barretts said...

awesome.post. thanks em for having j.garrels write. looking forward to the next album!

Sue said...

Free music, you say?! Fab, but how do we best support Josh financially? I mean, I love me some free music, but I also want to do my part as a listener and fan to give back some moola.

Today's Letters said...

hey sue! michelle (josh's beloved) said, "the website will soon be changing, and i don't know what the new set-up will be, but currently if you go to the "store" section of josh's website (joshgarrels.com) and, once inside, scroll down to where it says "partnership", you can donate there through paypal." hope this helps!

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