{Mr. Loerke's Graduation Party}

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday night's celebration was filled with good food, dear friends, and lots of laughs with those we love.

Meet Tim's family: Tim's Mom, sister Bekah, Grandma & Grandpa, brother Matt, sister-in-law Amy, brother-in-law Dani, sister Mary, and niece Ellie.

Eno's perfect picnic's and truffle cheese bread. Delish!

Meet my fam: sister Jen, brother-in-law Matt, twin sister Sarah, brother Jeff, and brother Matthew.

Starting to wonder who took all these awesome photos? Suzanne's kind of a magician when it comes to photography.

Our homies David & Julia.

Cupcakes from Society Bakery cuz that's how we roll.

PA homies Glenn, Bethany & Mack.

Uncle John & Aunt Cindy.

The Mr's favorite: Peanut Butter M&M's.

Mrs. McGeeHee and Steph. They've taught me everything I know about makeup, bobby pins, and bedazzlement.

Heart these boys.

Our sweet friends Racheal & Clay.

Morrison's, Loerke's, Tyroch's.

Cupcake flags.

These girls set everything up before we arrived.

Pen, Racheal, Mary, Stacie, Suz, Mark, Clay, Bobby, DK, and Paula.

So proud of this guy.

Our Homies.

Mrs. McGeehee, Josh, Braden, Tyroch, and Steph.

Scottie & Kristen ... our marriage guru's.

Twinner sandwich with Wendy Marie Buck Miller.

Mary, Paula, Mrs. McGeeHee, Julia, Braden, and Steph.

And celebrate we did!

A special thanks to all of you who came Saturday night! We couldn't be more grateful for your support, encouragement, and prayers over the last 3 years. 34 fist pumps in honor of 34 months of PA school!
Tim & Em


Corby and Lauren said...

Okay... this is SO random! I work at a Mother's Day Out here in Dallas, and I have a super creative mom that always makes precious treats for the kids. I asked for some of her favorite sites, and yours was listed. So here I am, stalking your blog... lo and behold, I know your sister! My sister is Lindsey Wheeler, so that's how I know Sarah... so fun to see her on here! I hope none of this is creepy! :)

Brooke said...

Great pictures. Congrats to the Mr. and to you!

Meg said...

looks like fun!

I'm new to the blog. I think we speak the same language. I used the oh so fabulous, "that's how I roll" today in the starbucks drivethru. the guy lost it in laughter. I got around to the front and another gal was laughing too. he pointed to 1-year-old and said, "you've got one cool mama...no lame barney for you."

I put a $50 in the tip jar. Ok. that's not true, but I did feel like I found a $50. Holla!

laurie said...

Has anyone ever told you that Mrs. McGeehee and Tyroch look a little like twinners? Or sisters, at least!

Christina said...

Congratulations! Looks like fun. I really enjoy your blog and wanted to say thanks for awhile. Keep up the great work!

annie h. said...

love the photos. the place you went to eat looks so delish and it looks like it has a great atmosphere. you looked so pretty in your dress! congrats again to the mr.!

Han said...

Had to double take for a sec then your friend Glenn looks like my friend's boyfriend Danny - that was strange lol.

I commented on the pictures on FB :)

Bonnie Faber said...

Dear Em, you are beautiful. I'm sure Mr. Loerke agrees with me.

Lara said...

what a beautiful party, em! congrats, tim -- chad and i are so happy for you. and what a perfect place to throw the shin-dig! (thought i recognized those exposed brick walls & lovely window panes.)
here's to seeing what unfolds in the next chapter. xoxoxoxo

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