{MR340 Race Update!}

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesterday Em and I spent a couple of hours paddling at the lake. I got 2 new blisters and Em looked strong even after having taken a week off from being gone in Africa. Spending time on the water again and catching up on her trip was the perfect endcap to an already amazing weekend for us both!

This week's NEW Race Sponsors:

Fundraising Update: In 3 months ya'll have helped us raise $9,645 for our race and Em & Kent's Adoption. This is incredible! We only have $2,355 to go, so If you'd like to make a donation to our cause we'll gladly add your name to our kayak as we paddle across the state of Missouri. Donations of $100.00 will get your company logo on our kayak and blog sidebar through the end of July.

I also wanted to mention that there are several other MR340 teams trying to raise money for great causes: Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, and Wounded Warriors just to name a few. Be sure and check em out!

Only 63 more days,
Em & Em


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