{MR340 Race Update!}

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yesterday Em and I spent the afternoon at White Rock Lake battling 15 mph winds and 2 ft waves. It was AWESOME.

Before getting on the water we mounted our new GoPro cameras which give us the capability to film HD video or take photos every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. (Insert more AWESOME right here).

After connected our bilge pump and checked our steering cables we were good to go.

Once we were on the water it wasn't long before the blue sky turned gray, our cockpits were soaked, and our GPS gave us an encouraging read of 3.2 mph. (Pretty sure Em and I can crawl faster than that after a Thanksgiving feast).

Nonetheless, we still had a blast and enjoyed the workout we received from the infamous headwind. (Which sometimes makes us want to junk punch it all the way to Antarctica).

This week's NEW Race Sponsors:

Fundraising Update: Last week's donation from Mike & Jess now gives us a total of $9,800 raised for our race and the McKeaigg Family Adoption. This is AMAZING! Only $2,200 left to go. Please let us know if you'd like to make a donation and we'll gladly add your name to our kayak as we paddle across the state of Missouri. Donations of $100.00 will still get your company logo on our kayak and blog sidebar through the end of July.

Happy Freakin Monday, Homies! Did you play in the rain this weekend?

Natural Speakers by Joon & Jung
June Sponsors: Last Call!
Letters from Josh Garrels
Fist Pump Friday
Ocean Grown by Fleet Foxes

PS, normal letters will resume tomorrow. Having Mr. Loerke home so much lately has made it difficult to find the time to write when all we want to do is play! Hope you understand.


kelsey williams said...

Your legs look amazingly muscular in that last photo!

Papa said...

The Mighty Mo awaits you!

Today's Letters said...

kels, all smoke and mirrors :)

papa, i can't wait to do this race with you! will be one of my most favorite memories with you. love you more than a boulevard wheat on the front porch.

peggy b said...

All I know is that my Em is certainly blessed by you, Emily!
God has ordained all of this for the baby He already has planned and will soon deliver to the beautiful parents He has chosen. What a blessed child! God must have wonderful plans for him or her in the future. Thank you for your sweet spirit that comes through clearly through your many blogs. I have read them all. May God bless you in many great ways. You are a gem! Thank you.
Peggy (Emily B's Mom)

Today's Letters said...

peggster, there is no one who makes me laugh more than your daughter. i am HONORED to do this race with her! i only hope she rocks her squanto headdress for at least part of it. xoxo

Maggie said...

Your arms look amazing! Are you doing a lot of extra free weights or mostly practicing for the race?! I need definition! :)

Today's Letters said...

mags, right now i'm running, doing camp gladiator in the mornings (when i can make it), and paddling once a week. after tim and i get back from mexico em and i will start paddling 2x's a week. it's amazing what it can do for your upper body / core! thanks for your encouragement.

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