{Husband's Letters}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Husband's Letters: Dear Senora Emolita, aye-aye-aye! That's Spanish for you're a hottie. Dear Jawbone JAMBOX, I found you in an article about the best Father's Day gifts and even though I'm not a father, this was the best gift! You do everything. You're a wireless speaker, you act as a conference caller in the Fartbox (poor man's Blue Tooth), and you even turn my words into text messages. Dear Grilled Chicken Wraps, I've been kind of hooked on you lately. (Maybe it was all the wraps we ate in Mexico?). Either way I'm thankful to have another excuse to become one with my Weber. Dear Little Birthday Girl, last week I did something for you that I have never done for anyone in the history of the world. I built you a double decker yellow cake with homemade chocolate cream cheese icing. I know some may be jealous of my mad cake decorating skills, but I would just tell them to start watching Duff.

Mr. Loerke

What daring new food have you cooked, grilled, or baked lately? Btw, you can check out Tim's new PA blog here if you like!


danielle said...

You two are so cute!!! Your relationship is my relationship's role model! I hope I can be half the woman Em is and I hope I find someone who is as sweet as Tim. Thank you for sharing your life with us!!

Michelle said...

I'm not sure how daring it is but I made steak with a smokey paprika coffee rub the other night. Sooooooo good.

Papa said...

Timmy: Thanks for watching over Em so well and with such love. I am blessed to have you in our family and I so look forward to a "man hug" before the big race on the Kaw. I am working on the maps/great places to eat and the ground crew rules. Rules are necessary to keep everyone safe, well fed and hydrated, and sober. You bring another cake and I will bring banana bread!

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