{MR340 / KAW100 Race Update!}

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our time at the lake on Friday was memorable to say the least. Pretty sure it was the closest Em and I have ever come to A) capsizing our yak B) drowning and C) yelling every 4 letter expletive we know. 

The morning started off with an easy mile or so paddle after we dropped our kayak at the dock.

Em was rocking her new Penn State jersey.

And I was laughing at all of her stories as usual.

Then the wind picked up and Em yelled, "Ge ready to bitch up, Loerke!" (Have I told you how much I love this girl?).

Before we knew it, waves starting washing over the bow of our kayak.

Then water started pouring into our cockpits. Kind of like a firehose but not as fun.

I don't think we've ever been so thankful for our electric bilge pump. Watching it push water out of our kayak gave us hope of actually making it back to the dock.

Despite our best efforts, we ended up having to pull over along the shore. (If you double click on the above photo you can see how much water was in our yak).

Em then pulled our kayak up onto the grass and volunteered to run back and get the car.

Meanwhile, I tried to get our bilge pump working again to drain out the last of the water in our boat.

Once Em came back our adrenaline was still through the roof. Who would have thought the wind could have picked up that quickly? I never thought I'd say this, but after Friday's experience I'd much rather paddle in the cold and rain than in the sunshine and wind. I now have a new respect for that which I cannot see.

This Friday Em and I leave for Austin to spend time working on our kayak and paddling with our friend West. Last week he completing his 16th Texas Water Safari finish and placed 1st in men's solo. Congratulation's, buddy!

We did want to let you know that if you're interested in making a donation to our race or the McKeaigg Family adoption we'd encourage you to do so in the next two weeks. Soon we will be taking our kayak to get all tatted up with our sponsors names and logos and wouldn't want you to miss out!

Only 33 more days!
Em & Em


Amanda W said...

Love the Penn State jersey! :)
I love these updates; this race sounds like the coolest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you are not using splash skirts?

Today's Letters said...

it was 103* in texas on friday. if you rock black spray skirts you'll bake like a toasted cheeser in your cockpit. no bueno!

West said...

Need to have the middle cover on all the time and carry the other two skirts within reach. That should help a bit. -w

Today's Letters said...

wester, doh! rookie mistake. makes sense with the battery pack for our bilge pump being exposed. you'll have to show us how to put the middle cockpit cover on without interfering with our bilge pump hose.

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