{MR340 / KAW100 Race Update!}

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Em and I had a great time down in Austin this weekend with our buddy West and his family. Friday night we stuffed our bocas at Julio's then spent the evening making modifications to our River Rocket.

We fabricated two new GPS mounts, installed new foot pedals, repaired Em's seat, and mounted our bow light. Did you know that over half of our race will be paddled at night?

Our episode of Pimp My Kayak finally ended around 11pm. (Insert three tired motor scooters here).

Saturday morning we dropped our kayaks on the Colorado River.

The weather was perfect ... sunny with a bit of cloud coverage and a gentle breeze to help keep us cool.

The scenery wasn't too shabby either.

West taught us how to read the current and avoid getting sucked into river eddies and strainers. 

Em did a great job setting the pace at the bow.

15 miles later we were done and on the road headed back to Dallas. It was a short trip, but Em and I learned a ton. We can't believe there's only 26 more days until our race!

Over the past four months ya'll have helped us raise almost $10, 000 for our race expenses and the McKeaigg Family adoption. We couldn't be more GRATEFUL! I mean, who does this? We're convinced we have the best friends, family, and readers anyone could ever ask for. THANK YOU.

We'll still be accepting donations through the end of this week (until July 1st) if you'd still like to get your name or company logo on our kayak for all to see as we paddle from Manhattan to Lawrence, KS.

In the meantime, Em and I will be hitting the lake getting as much time on the water as we can. My dad, youngest brother Campbell, Kent & Tim will be our ground crew supporting us from start to finish. We are all excited to meet you!

Over and out,
Em & Em


Merritt said...

That girl Em has got some guns!! :) Looks like you two are having a blast.

Hollie Ann said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! You're so adventurous

CAgridlock said...

I love all the updates. Seeing this makes me think you might like Ragnar relay, though that involves quite a few more people. It's AMAAAAAZING. Fingers and toes crossed for a truly amazing race.

Anonymous said...

hi. it's beth. i met you at common grounds when you were practicing for your race. been thinking (and talking) about the race, your adoption, and meaning to "come by here" ever since; glad i did. hi.

Today's Letters said...

ca, i'll have to check out the ragnar. i'd love to continue doing races either solo, tandem, etc. after the kaw.

hey beth! good to hear from you. em and i stopped at cg's last week on our way back to dallas and wondered if we'd see you :)

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