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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nothing says welcome home from vacation like a sunny day of paddling at the lake! Yesterday Em and I baked like toasted cheesers out on the water. We could just hear Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez saying, "If anyone wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand." We ain't no panytwaists, so roast we did.

So far we've been using a Garmin 305 mounted to a Sticky Pod and Mini Camera Mount to record our speed, distance, and time. Sometimes looking at our speed makes us wish we had installed jet engines on our yak.

This is where Em and I normally drop our boat. This time there were about a dozen ducks taking a nap under the tree. QUACK.

After setting out we started catching up on our week and began dreaming of ice cream and snow angels. (Insert 96° of dry Texas heat here).

Our MSR Dromedary Bags came in over the weekend and fit perfectly behind our seats. They have a long enough drink tube and bite valve which allows us to paddle and hydrate at the same time. Clearly I find this challenging.

This was when Em saw a 5 foot Gar roll right beside our boat. Secretly I wanted to yell, "Choot it! Choot it!" (The Swamp People are my heroes).

Overall, we had a great time on the water dodging sailboats, sweating our tails off, and watching unicyclers ride around the lake.

We even ended our workout with a couple of snow cones from TC's. Pretty sure Em and I will be making a habit of this detour after paddling. Summer is officially here, ya'll!

Happy Sunday!
Em & Em


Peyton said...

Where is that snow cone place? I run out at the lake and that sounds like the best treat ever!!

Today's Letters said...

T C Shaved Ice‎
10999 Garland Road
Dallas, TX 75218

Pay the extra $.50 for cream! It's the shiz.

Felicity said...

You're 'tutti frutti' fabulous you two and I love those muscles building up in your arms.

xx Felicity

lindsay said...

Ti-gerrss- blooooddd!!!!

Peyton said...

Thanks Emily!

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