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Monday, June 20, 2011

{To read why I would save the above items if our house was burning, go HERE}

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we watched ET under the stars, slept in, ate our 2nd frozen pizza together as a married couple, made homemade cobbler & blueberry jam, went on a run, and asked for each other's forgiveness at least a dozen times. GREAT weekend. Dear Laundry, I am convinced you're never done unless I'm naked. That's all. Dear Foster Huntington, thank you for asking me to participate in The Burning House project. It helped me realize how much shiz I have that I don't really need. Dear Husband, sometimes when I kiss your face I can still smell your aftershave. I love this.

Happy freakin Monday, Homies! We hope your weekend was lovely! If you'd like to see photos of Friday's date night (and other pictures not posted on the blog) be sure and follow us on Twitter. Team Loerke wants to know (in honor of today's photo) what would you take with you if your house was burning? 

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Amanda said...

My picture of my parents when they got married, my old engagement ring, pictures, my grandfather's hankies and my babies!

Jessica said...

My daughters, my portable hard drive and laptop (b/c of alllll my pictures), and my wedding album.

Autumn Star said...

I would take my cat, Zodiac, as well as my "memory" box and sand/dirt collection (small bottle filled with sand/dirt/pebbles from other countries or important places). Interesting question!

wardie's mom said...

My hubby has a 1929 Gibson his grandfather used to play...pretty sure that would make his list also:)

Chelle Lynn said...

My husband.

My cat.

A small gold locket, the first gift my husband gave me when we were dating.

My purse (gonna need the old ID and bank cards if I wanna start re-building!)

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