{MR340 / KAW100 Race Update!}

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This past week Tim and I have been spending lots of time paddling at the lake. Where would I be without this man?

Let me count the ways ...

He helps me carry my boat. (All 22 ft of it).

He makes sure my food bag is full.

He keeps me steady.

He runs along side of me while I paddle.

He tells me how great I look after my workouts.

He stays well past sunset.

And he reminds me to have fun while I train.

I'd be lost without this guy given all the changes with our race lately. So the next time you see him, be sure and give him a chest bump and pound for being such a supportive husband and ground crew member.

We'll be posting more detailed information about our race on Wednesday. If you live in the Manhattan, Topeka, Lawrence, or Kansas City area we'd love to see you come out and cheer on all of the paddlers!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter. It's the only way you'll be able to get updates and see race photos Wednesday - Sunday.

Only 5 more days!


Jessica said...

Such a great post! I loved the captions of when he tells you that you look great after your workout - so funny! You guys are always adorable and inspiring.

Jennifer K said...

Good luck!! It looks like you're getting some nice guns there. :)

Chelle Lynn said...

Good luck!!

Mary Beth said...

You are going to ROCK it, Em! Sending prayers all the way from South Carolina!

Anonymous said...

Hello Em, it is so awesome of you do even do the race all the way on your own. I can imagine you will make different experiences than you would have made with a partner. Sure you will get to know yourself even better. Wish you all the best, lots of (arm & head) power, great nature, nice people and not too many mosquitos ;) Be sure, I will think of you paddeling! Katharina

PS. I try to sign with my google acount, but somehow it doesn't work like it used to be anymore. It tells me I have to sign in with blogger...do you know this problem?

Leah said...

I love that you are doing this! Your man seems awesome! What a friend to you! Go, Em, go!

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Manhattan....The Little Apple, we call it. I would love to drive the hour to be there to meet you and send you off, but the week is crazy busy and I can't get away. :( I am sure, living in Dallas, you've become acclimated (maybe? maybe not?) to the ridiculous temperatures, but we are to have temperatures above 100 for the next 10 days...I don't remember a summer this hot and this dry! I tell you that just to remind you to be careful....drink lots of water and wear your sunscreen!! I can't wait to hear about your paddling adventure when you return home. Good Luck!

Kudos to your awesome, totally amazing and adorable husband for being such a source of support to you! :)

amy ♥ said...

em! good luck on your race <3 we will be thinking of you from california!! ;)

you will be awesome! i know you will miss em as your partner, but you have documented how hard you've been training and it will pay off :)

you and tim continually inspire matthew and I to be better to each other!


Lindsay Beck Photography said...

your relationship and your love of fun and your pursuit of life in its fullest encourages me every day!! thank you :)

Dani B said...

I don't even have time for playing on the internet, what with an energetic toddler monopolizing my time... but I can't stay away from your blog! So here's to late nights on the internet. I'm rootin' for ya, and a huge High-5 to TL for being so supportive! Also, I can't believe I'm about to sign up for twitter. Argh! The things I'll do for you. (Heeheehee).

Amanda said...


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