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Thursday, July 07, 2011

In honor of having a great year we've decided to say THANK YOU by offering a one time opportunity to advertise with us in August for 50% off our normal rates. FIDDY PERCENT! This will only happen once so be sure and reserve an ad space before they're going, going, gone. Just email us for a rate sheet!

In the meantime, you can check out this post featuring my latest craft because sometimes the simplest things are often the truest. {Btw, you can receive 12% off your entire purchase from PaperPhine's Etsy shop for the month of July when you enter the code LETTERS at checkout}.

I'd also love to know what you've been making lately! I know some of you have been getting super creative this summer so feel free to share links to your shiz in the comment section below.

Lastly, have a happy freakin Thursday. You've almost made it to the weekend!


Kayla said...

Everything I've made has been wedding related so that's kind of lame. All of my creativity has pretty much been funneled into that. I've made chalkboards, photobooth props (moustaches, lips), personalized metal hangers for bridesmaids, hard cover book photo frames, fabric flowers for hair, a tree painting for our guestbook, etc.

Oooh! Ooh pick me! I just remembered that I made something non-wedding related! Last Thursday I made a chalkboard mug: http://becomingmrscoons.blogspot.com/2011/06/awkward-awesome-thursday.html

I'm pretty sure that is the extent of my crafts for today ;)

LatteLove said...

my fav summer project/gift is planting succulents in teapots!


(not my DIY project, but one I found and love)

Today's Letters said...

kayla, love your wedding diy's and chalkboard paint mug. super cute!

lattelove, fun idea with the succulents. you know how i feel about those ... love!

Carol said...

I love making things and seeing what others make! I just made cow costumes for my girls for Cow Appreciation Day - I would love to get them to do fist pumps, but right now I am lucky to get them to look at the camera!


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