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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Timmy Flay, on the 4th of July you fixed a feast fit for a Queen with BBQ wibs, smokey three-bean bake, and grilled corn on the cob with chipotle lime sauce. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend was smoking crack. Dear Kinfolk Magazine, 10 more days until your big debut. Can't. stinkin. wait. Dear American Pickers, rumor in junk drunk world is that you opened up a second shop in downtown Nashvegas. Reason #421 why I want to meet Mike & Frank. Dear Husband, lately you've resorted to inspirational singing when I've been dragging ars on our runs. Your support has been better than a Patagonia sports bra with a side of underwire. Over and out.

What's your favorite thing about Nashville? Tim and I are planning a road trip in the Spring and hope to include it on our list of places to visit!


brlracincwgrl said...

That dinner looks scrumptious! :).

I've never been to Nashville. Sad huh, since I only live about 4 hours away!

Cas said...

Pancake Pantry!
I'm serious here.
Do not miss it.

Cas said...
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gina said...

Can't get enough of Mike and Frank. We're heading to Nashville in the fall. And man, that corn looks amazing!

Courtney said...

I've been a Nashvillian for almost 10 years and I adore it!
You must visit Fido, Crema, Burger Up, Pied Piper Creamery or Jeni's for some ice cream, and last but NOT least, Silly Goose!
Of course, those are all food-oriented...so be sure to go on a hike at the beautiful Lake Radnor!

Also, if you can time it to see a good artist at the Ryman, you absolutely should! My favorite venue ever...it makes everything sound unbelievable.

Hope you two can make it out here sometime!

The Crowders said...

Nashville is one of the greatest cities ever! I am not just saying that because I lived there for two years after college. Wait...yes I am. You must do the touristy thing and hit all the live country music bars on Broadway. Tootsies, Legends, and etc... There is always someone playing no matter what time of day. If you can catch a songwriters show a Bluebird Cafe, it is awesome. The person above mentioned Pancake Pantry, it is wonderful. Loveless Cafe is also must on the food stop. It is has been on the food network lots of times. Get the biscuits! Man...I am going to have to plan a trip there soon. It is such a great place!

gmonee5 said...

Make sure you look up our kids when you get to Nashvegas! They'd love to see you and you can meet their baby!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I started watching American Pickers after you mentioned it on the blog, and I went to the store opening. It's really cool, almost as Nashville (except not the temp).
Things to do:
Ryman show. Definitely must see live music...it's the best, though there are lots of great little venues.
Honky Tonks on Broadway.
Radnor Lake.
Burger Up and Las Paletas in 12th South.
Loveless Cafe and or Pancake Pantry are classics.
Centennial Park/Parthenon.
Fido and Crema for coffee.
Go to East Nashville and visit shops and eat Margot Cafe(reservations rec.) or Marche Artisan Foods.
Enjoy! You will love it.

shoutingforha said...

You just made this Nashville girl very happy. hadn't heard about Mike & Frank's new shop but I will definitely go check it out.

Happy Wednesday!

Carol said...

Pfunky Griddle. Cook your own pancakes at your table. Boatloads of fun!

Kelsey said...

Nashville's fantastic! I'm a Texan, but I go to school at Belmont University right in the city.

As others have said, Pancake Pantry is the BEST place for breakfast. You'll have to wait for awhile to be seated, but it's more than worth it.

I would also recommend Bluebird Cafe on a songwriters' night. Their food is delicious and some of the musicians are really good and need discovering.

The Wildhorse Saloon for some line dancing is also a fun time.

Coffee shops: Bongo Java, Fido, Frothy Monkey, J. J.'s Market.

San Antonio Taco Co. (SATCo) is one of my favorite fast food eateries.

I'm so excited y'all are making it to Nashville. I love it here.

Greenwood said...

Everything. One of my favorite cities. The Beer Garden, and live music at The Stage. Absolutely THEMOST fun.

Jen said...

Burger Up is definitely a must! Their lamb burger and sweet potato fries are out of this world! And not too pricey.

Centennial Park is definitely neat. So is Fido (coffee shop- deeeelish!) and you have to stop and visit Pangea (a fun, funky little shop) and all the other little boutiques around it.

Marisa Frizzell said...

Went to grad school there and loved going to Frothy Monkey coffee house to study (fabulous chai lattes) and loved San Antonio Taco Company (SATCO) - their queso is amazing. Enjoy your trip!

Brooke said...

How much time do you have? I LOVE Nashville. Lived there for a year and want to move back so, so badly. Maybe one day...

Until then. Visits are lovely.

I've seen some of the other "do not miss" locations in the comments and agree:

1. Marche Artisan Foods (so FREAKING good)
2. SatCo. (The San Antonio Taco Company by Vanderbilt. GREAT patio. Even greater cheese dip. My husband and I went there at least once a week -- it may be the place we miss most.)
3. Fido Coffee (My bestie saw a King of Leon there... and I believe Taylor Swift is a fan)
4. Burger Up. (I'm salivating. Get the fried pickles)
5. Las Paletas
6. Take the Nash Trash Tour. I'm super serious. It's one of the funniest things I've ever done. Book early, though! http://haverootsandwings.blogspot.com/2010/07/trashy-nashy.html
7. If you're there on a Sunday, stop by Elmington Park to watch some LARPing.

I'll stop there or this could get out of hand... sigh. Now I'm missing Nashville hard.

Life With Lucy said...

Live in Nashville and love it! Definitely catch a good show with some quality local music... Exit In, Cannery Ballroom/Mercy Lounge, The Rutledge.... You'll love it.
I agree completely with Brooke up there- you'd love all of those places. Fido is awesome, Burger Up and Las Paletas are in the same building and super close to the frothy monkey, another good coffee shop on 12th Ave. Go throw a Frisbee in Centennial park. All right up your ally fo sho.

esther said...

I <3 Nashville! As many have said, Pancake Pantry is a-mazing! Their sweet potato pancakes are totally worth the wait.

The Grand ol Opry is uber fun!

And for your shopping pleasure, there is a cutie little shop called Two Elle.

Have a great time!

Amanda W said...

The Irish Dancing National Championships, of course!! Anybody know what I'm talkin' bout??

Emily said...

best part about Nashville? only being 30 minutes away! and of course their New Year's Eve Celebration.

Unknown said...

you're kidding, right? chad & i move to nashvegas in less than three weeks! we'll DEFINITELY need to make some memories together while you're in town! xoxoxo

Liz said...

this little bit o' magic may no longer be in existence, but many moons (eh, four years ago, maybe?) we found a tree in Centennial Park that was FILLED with hammocks--way up in the tree tops!! whimsy. let me know if you find it!!

Andrea Spencer said...

I have lived in Nashville for twenty years, but I live in the Franklin area, just 20 minutes south, and we have much to do here! We have a great historic downtown area, close to where all of the country music stars live. Also, there's a place between Nashville and Franklin on Hwy 100 called the Loveless Cafe, it's very famous and similar to a Cracker Barrel. If you are just wanting to venture through downtown Nashville, though, I recommend SATCO and the WildHorse Saloon (on a weekend, of course, so you can learn to line dance). There's also a new trendy area called the Gulch you should look up.

Molly said...

I was born in Nashville and lived there as an Extreme Little, so most of my memories are of the Hello Kitty store in the mall, BUT I also recall Christy's cookies- especially chocolate chip with heath bar. oh the joy. There's also an excellent fruit stand somewhere out on highway 100 towards Franklin... I'm really helpful, huh? Or you could also do what I did as a young Nashvillain, eat the dirt in the playground with the big red caboose.

Anonymous said...

YAY Nashville! I'm in college there and it's just a blessing to be in such a vibrant town! You could try checking out 365nashville.com for fun exploring/adventures, it's my go-to! And Silly Goose restaurant in East Nashville - basil lemonade served in mason jars, 'nuff said

Alyssa said...

Thesre's a burger place (they have other stuff but there's a reason I say burger place) that is amazing!! It's called PM. http://www.pmnashville.com/

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