{Berkeley, California}

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

While visiting Twinner in Berkeley I ...

Laughed until my sides hurt.

Picked fresh blackberries and tomatoes from the garden.

Ate pumpkin seed granola with coconut milk and figs for brekky.

Went treasure hunting.

Accidentally bought this coffee can containing someone's ashes. {Welcome to Bezerkeley}.

Saw "The Help." {Such a good movie!}

Ate a vegan cookie dough cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic.

Drank hefeweizen out of Mason jars.

Got a Reuben Food Cone from Raw Daddy's at the Farmer's Market.

Visited Twinner's phlebotomy school.

Ate homemade Oreo's at Homeroom

Wrote notes in chalk.

Drank coffee at Remedy.

Planted flowers in Twinner's window boxes.

Ate my weight in Vanilla Almond sorbet from Scream.

Went bici camping.

Fell in love with Adam and Julia's backyard.

Ate more ice cream at Ici Ice on College Ave.

Learned how to ride a bici with mustache handlebars.

Fell asleep here.

Rode BART.

Ate the best mac-n-cheese of my life.

Wore Twinner's Smartwools.

Fell in love with Bakesale Betty's Fried Chicken & Slaw sammy.

And had long conversations in the hammock. This weekend was the perfect balance of great food, laughter, and rest. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

Hope ya'll enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend as well! Mr. Loerke is finally back from his kayaking trip and no longer smells like river water. He'll be posting his letters tomorrow morning!

Happy freakin Tuesday, Homies!


Funtime Frocks Etc said...

Lovely photos of no doubt lovely times...

I'll ask because I'm sure everyone else is thinking it too... What did you do with the ashes?!?!

Funtime x

brlracincwgrl said...

Happy Tuesday!

That backyard is Ah-Mazing! Love it :). Sounds like a weekend of perfection!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rad weekend. I am intrigued by that cinnamon roll. It looks delish.

EmLoves said...

Holy cinnamon roll pants. I want that.

Ash said...

love this post. my husband and i are are weeks away from moving to that area and this is getting me all the more excited. woo!

your Fairy Godmother said...

Loved looking at your pics ~ hope you spoke 'twinage' the whole time!

Merritt | LiveSimplyLove said...

What a fun weekend! Makes me wish I had a sister. :)

Diana said...

Perusing your food photos has made me hungry in my tumbly (you know, like Winnie the Pooh). Thanks for sharing!

kate said...

holy moley, that looks like an awesome weekend...but what do you do with your unexpected ashes?!? burial at sea? send them back out into the mysterious existence of vintage treasure hunting? (maybe they were die hard shoppers and that was their final wish?)the public must know!

(ps, you and twinner are the cutest.)

Anonymous said...

That mac'n'cheese looks delish!!! Where was it from?

West said...

You two gals sure know how to mess up the grading curve for all the other women out there. Sounds like a great weekend. Welcome back to a cooler, more fiery, Texas.

mackenzie said...

oh my goodness that breakfast looks amaaaazing. i need me some fig-pumpkin-coconut goodness.

The New June said...

Wow, wow, wow, what a great (and yummy) time!

Today's Letters said...

ya'll are so sweet! we had a blast. as far as the ashes we found ... i hope i don't offend anyone when i say they ended up in the compost pile. it's berkeley, remember?

wester, you mmake me laugh. heart you buddy.

Maggie said...

wow. talk about getting homesick. what a great post. you are such a great adventurer. ever need a random travel partner? hit. me. up. especially if it involves fruits and/or nuts!

wildchild said...

that looks like such a good weekend. lots of delicious looking food and time with your sista. also, you're surrounded by smarty pants. doctor husband, phlebotomy sister. woah.

Whitney said...

Looks like you and twinner had a great time! Jealous :)
I want to visit the Bay area some day...until last fall I'd never been to CA! My great uncle actually lives there still, he's 96 and was one of the original planners of BART!
Thanks for sharing (and responding to my email!)...hope you're acclimating back to the crazy TX heat quickly. (Beats an IN winter!)

Molly Roberson said...

YEEEEEESSSSS! Everything about this is perfect.

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