{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, September 09, 2011

To kick off this week's photos meet Rachel, Jason, Andrea, Tim and Megan over at The Organic Bloom. We think their handmade picture frames are the shiz! (Even singer/songwriter Jewel agrees).

Next meet Auburn seniors Claire, Valerie, Elizabeth, Paige, Camilla, Laurel, and Katelyn who threw fist pumps and leg kicks after Paige's candlelight. Congrats on your engagement, Little!

Our next photo is of Adam and Susan's 9 week old peanut, Grayson. Bonus points for your guitar playing stegosaurus and for being cute enough to eat!

Lastly, meet our FPF challenge winner's Chris, Kelly, Beth, and Katie who threw fist pumps last wekend at Baylor's season opener against TCU. One word for you four: SICEMBEARS!

This week's FPF Challenge: take a photo of you and your homies throwing fist pumps at the Bon Iver concert in Dallas this Monday night. Bonus points if you can find Tim, Vynsie and I in the 2nd row! (Of course all other entries will be accepted). Email photos to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


laurie t said...

Hoping to send you a picture of my little throwing fist pumps very, very soon :)

Drabek Photography said...

Sent over by Organic Bloom frames, love them too, and and grateful to be sent to your blog. What a lovely read. Today is my 11th anniversary with my husband and we have been together 17years total. Reading some of your sweet ideas for a happy marriage was a wonderful treat and a gift I can share with my hubs tonight so we can have many more anniversaries together. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Must. Eat. The. Baby.

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

whoa! awesommmme, we'll be on the second row too! seats 1 and 2 i believe! how weird is that? see yall there :)

Today's Letters said...

lt, can't wait to see her cute face!

drabek, thanks for visiting our blog! and congrats on 11 yrs. may your next 11 be filled with even more love, adventure, and grace.

snapper, agreed.

em, it's about time we met you and your bearded man! we're in seats 13, 14, 15. bring your uhaul.

Beth said...

yay! so happy to make my FPF debut! =)

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

agreeeeed! if yall have time, we can meet up before the show and grab a drink! hopefully traffic wont be a prob, lol my commute is a little longer than yalls :(

Melinda said...


Sic'em bears, really? We'll this coming from a two time TCU graduate. It was a great game, unfortnate the way it ended but props to be the only game all the ESPN analyst could talk about the entire weekend. Go Frogs!

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