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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, Monday we celebrated the cooler weather with open windows and a roast in our slow-cooker. Did you know that Fall always reminds me of when we first started dating? Dear Class III Rapids, you were a lot scarier in person than this video portrays, but you made my kayaking adventure so much fun. Next time I'll be asure and tighten my spray skirt. Dear Mr. Clear Anti-Fog Solution, last week I needed you to keep my surgical glasses from fogging up during surgery. Thank you for reminding me not to take the little things for granted. Dear Emma, yesterday you steamrolled me to get me out of bed. I realize this is not how you prefer to be woken up. Thank you for sacrificially loving me.

Mr. Loerke

What's your favorite Fall or slow-cooker recipe?


Becca at One Girl said...

Chili, chicken pot pie & anything with pumpkin!

The 1st of May said...

Saw mums at the store yesterday...has me thinking about fall also!

CHILI!...and Vegetable Soup! Mmmmm!

Our family loves to steamroll too!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Haha cute! :) ANd I'm working on finding one! We'll see!

yes to brightness said...

dude that kayaking looks sa-weet! I once kayaked 17 miles in the ocean. No joke. I don't wanna talk about it.
My favorite fall recipe is probably chocolate chip pumpkin bread. My mom makes THEE BEST. or anything apple-y (apple cider, apple bread, etc)

Autumn Star said...

New Fall fav: Applesauce Spice Cake. :)

elbowmacaroni said...

santa fe chili! Make a pot to last for days! so yummy!

Courtney Pennington said...

Fall makes me think of the season my fiance and I met...we seem to "fall" in love again every year around this time! :)

Kate said...

White Chili: chicken, white beans, salsa, monterey jack cheesy loveliness... wish fall would hurry up and get here. Biggest heat wave ever in So Cal... in the meantime we'll just pretend with pumpkin candles and air conditioning.

Francesca said...

Mmmmm...Fall. It always makes me think of comfort food and comfy sweaters.

My favorite recipe is baked potato soup, but crock pot chili is a close second!

Kristen said...

Definitely chili and beef stew!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Loerke,
As a whitewater kayaker I am STOKED to see you hit some moving water and bonus points for staying upright. However, I must beg and plead of you to get yourself a nifty helmet. Anything above class I deserves some head protection. Protect your noggin' so you can keep bloggin'. Pretty please??!!
-Rachel (who sent ya brownies so you know that this comment comes from a place of love)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Loerke,
Whitewater kayaking is my most favorite sport. I have done it for a very long time (and in younger years at a very high level). Here are some quick tips so that you will feel more stable as you go through the rapids:

You have a nice upright posture as you approach the rapid, but I can see that you lean back right at the drop. An upright (or even slight tilt forward at the hips) will allow you to have the most balance.

(Most flips happen because water piles up on the back edge of the boat. Leaning back pushes those edges further in the water, which increases the chance of flipping. It also reduces the range of motion your spine has side to side, which is key for balance. Many great reasons to not lean back!) :)

To go along with this posture, right at the drop extend the shoulder joint forward towards your toes and plant a nice forward stroke. It's like a bike with a kick stand, the extra point of contact (an extra blade in the water) makes you more stable.

At the bottom of the rapid (in the swirlies) you're naturally doing this (sticking the blade in the water for stability), however, think about getting those strokes more forward (instead of to the side) because a long stroke = more paddle time the water = more stability.

Looking good (except for the lack of helmet)! Hope you had fun!! I miss the thrill of the learning curve sometimes!

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