{Fist Pump Friday}

Friday, November 04, 2011

To kick off this week's FPF photos we have Auburn students Elizabeth and Julia. They threw fist pumps at the ChiO Walk for A Wish event last week. Bonus points for red ICEE's and for rocking that Mountain Hardware monkey fleece!

Next, meet my friend Merritt who threw threw on her bravery cape before riding her bici solo to Whole Paycheck. She recently moved to Colorado is taking full advantage of the beautiful weather!

Our next photo is of Stephanie and her family who threw fist pumps and leg kicks while picking apples in Lodi, OH. Pretty sure Diane Keaton called and wants you to work for Gourmet Baby in Vermont!

Next, I'd like to introduce to your our first submission for this week's FPF challenge. Meet roommates Ashlynn and Brittany from Olathe, KS. These two dressed as Squanto and Tiger Lily for Halloween. Ashlynn is getting her masters in speech pathology at KU and Brittany is getting her masters in counseling from MidAmerican Nazarene University. Bonus points for living in the great state of Kansas and for having an appreciation for all things BBQ!

Our next FPF challenge photo is of Mary Beth's kiddos Molly, Jack, and Ginny. This Ninja and his two Super Girl sidekicks threw fist pumps before pulling in the mother load of candy while Trick-or-Treating!

Our last FPF challenge submission is of 8 Barbies from Chattanooga, TN. Meet Lindsay (80's Barbie), Theresa (Race Car Barbie), Anne (Trailer Barbie), Amy (Exercise Barbie), Leanne (Gangsta Barbie), Jenny (Doctor Barbie), Brittany (Goth Barbie), and Katie (Scuba Barbie). These ladies threw fist pumps and leg kicks before their midnight boat cruise on Halloween!

Thanks to all of you who sent in FPF photos this week! We love getting to know you guys better. This week's FPF challenge: submit a photo of you and your homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks while making leaf angels. (Of course all other entries will be accepted). Send photos to: em@todaysletters.com. It's just that simple!


dhhargrove said...

"Trailer Barbie"...my Friday has been offically made.

Kallie Brelsford said...

Yeahhhhh Olathe Kansas!

Anonymous said...

Awesome barbies!!!

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