{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, November 11, 2011

To kick off this week's FPF photos we have Erin (from Kansas City) and her best friend Jordan (from Oklahoma City) who recently moved back from Madrid. They threw fist pumps and leg kicks at Millennium Park in Chicago to celebrate his return to the US!

Speaking of being back in the US, remember Brent from this FPF post? He's since returned from Brazil and is working with Americorps in Cleveland, OH with his girlfriend Colby. Last week she surprised him with tickets to see the Civil Wars. Reason #482 why girl sidekicks are AWESOME.

And guess who else threw fist pumps and leg kicks at the Civil Wars concert last week? Meet Taylor University students Amanda, Janae, and Kathryn. Bonus points for having such great taste in music!  

Our next photo is of Jarah from Salt Lake City, UT and her good friend Shannon from Austin, TX. They recently threw fist pumps and leg kicks while vacationing together in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Next meet neighborhood buddies Mitchell, Katherine-Anne, Loye, Ashlyn, Caroline, and Reid who went hiking in Stone Mountain Georgia with their mom's Lauri and Angela. Way to get your hike on little bitties!

Our next photo is of Lecia and Doug's sweet baby boy, Gage. Only a few hours old and he's already throwing fist pumps! One day this little guy will slay dragons and wear a cape. Mark. my. words.

Lastly, meet my sweet friend Jess and Zak's kiddos, Banner and Adley. Nothing like kickin it in your Power Wheel while cruising your new block in Chicago! Love you guys!

A special thanks to all of you who sent in FPF photos this week! I'm still waiting for those fist pumping leaf angel pics so go outside and take advantage of the last of the Fall leaves before sister Winter comes. And, most importantly don't forget to enter this week's giveaway! You definitely don't want to miss out on this shiz.

Happy freakin 11-11-11, Homies!


leslie a. knight said...

Jordan and Erin! They're friends of mine from college. :)

meme-and-he said...

love those cute little kiddos and their adorable fist pumps!!
did I ever mention that I went to Taylor U as well?? graduated in 2010. love that little connection!

Megs said...

love your blog!! colby is my best friend from college, so excited to see their picture on here!!

Kelsey said...

I think you two might like this band:

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