{Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!}

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanks to all of you who participated in last week's giveaway! Please email me your addy if you are one of our winners so Mr. McFeely can deliver your MAJOR AWARD!

Winner of the PlanetBox Plus Lunchbox Set: Brooke Field said ... "Oh my!"

Winner of the My Sweet Muffin Infant Shark Bath Robe: Elise said ... "I lived in Greece this summer and one of my roommates already commented on this post. WE LOVE YOUR BLOG! So does my fiance."

Winner of the 11" x 14" Organic Bloom Picture Frame: E.R. said ... "The best kind of problem to have would be to decided if I wanted to keep the prize or share the awesome with someone else."

Winner of the Vintage Satchel from Meatbagz
: Elisif said ... "aaannnnddd I just followed. Happy Holidays in advance Loerkes!

Winner of the Kammok Hammock & Python Suspension Straps: Andrew McIndoe said ...  I'm one of the few dudes who leaves comments on here ... and I just happen to love hammocks ... which is why this giveaway could be too good to be true!"

A special thanks to PlanetBox, My Sweet Muffin, The Organic Bloom, Meatbagz, and Kammok for helping us celebrate Christmas a little early. You will forever remain at the top of our Christmas wish lists!


Melissa Shipman said...

Congrats to the winners! Maybe next year I'll get some awesomeness too!

dhhargrove said...

Well, even though i didn't win I still win... I get to follow a blog-o-awesomeness every day.

Meg said...

just wondering, was I close?

I was close wasn't I?

Knew it.

meatbagz said...

congratulations to all the winners!

Kimbojamma said...

Happy gift-getting, Winners!!

Today's Letters said...

mel, don't give up!
dhhargrove, next time no whammies.
meg, within inches.
kate&mack, thanks for hooking one of our readers up with another stellar satchy!
kimbo, the person who can learn to celebrate another person's successes like their own is the true winner. way to go.

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