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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Smoke: 901 Ft.Worth Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: Heavy Handed Blueberry & House Made Ricotta Cheese Pancakes with Vanilla Poached Apricots and Cream.
Odd Fellows
: 316 W. 7th Street, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order:  Cider French Toast, the Pancake Sampler or the Brisket Hash. Sit at the bar outside if the weather is nice!
Legal Grounds
: 2015 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75214 :: Order: Spencer Sundae or The Diane. Also order a pound of granola to go. You'll be kicking yourself later if you don't.
Cafe Brazil
: 6420 N. Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Fruit Pancrepes or the Breakfast Migas.

The Pearl Cup: 1900 Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: A Dirty Chai, Lavender Chai or a regular Latte.
Odd Fellows
: 316 W. 7th Street, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: A Macchiato from the La Marzocco or split a French Press with a friend.
Cultivar Coffee: 1146 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX 75218 :: Order: A Single Cup Brewed Coffee or Iced Toddy or Miele.

Hypnotic Donuts
: 9007 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218 :: Order: The Canadian Healthcare and Boo! Bee donuts.

Twisted Root: 5609 SMU Blvd., Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Cheddar Burger with twisted French fries and a side of Quincy's spicy fried pickles.
Company Cafe: 2217 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: The Belmont Burger with sweet potato fries.
In-N-Out Burger: 8080 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: A Cheeseburger "Protein Style" with a side of fries and chocolate shake.
Keller's Drive-In: 6537 Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231 :: Order: A Cheeseburger with everything on a poppy seed bun with an order of fries and tots. Their milkshakes aren't too shabby either!
Whiskey Cake: 3601 Dallas Pwky, Plano, TX 75093 :: Order: The OMG Burger (onion ring, mushroom, and goodness burger) with a side of hand cut french fries. This burger's so tall you'll have to smash it to fit it in your mouth.

Good 2 Go Taco: 1146 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX 75218 :: Order: Yardbird Salad with a Maine Root beer.
Brother's Pizza: 9310 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75243 :: Order: A Brother's Salad with their house dressing.

Eno's Pizza Tavern: 407 N. Bishop Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: Eno's Original or Central Pie pizza with a side of Truffle Cheese Bread.
Coal Vine's: 2404 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75201 :: Order: White Special Pizza with a Baby Spinach Salad.
Fireside Pies: 2820 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Light n' Crisp Pizza and the Balsamic Roasted Chicken Pizza.

Eno's Pizza Tavern: 407 N. Bishop Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: Sunday Sack Dessert.
Tillman's Roadhouse: 324 West 7th Street, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: Homemade Tableside S'mores for the Team.
Society Bakery: 3426 B Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Italian Cream Cupcake & a Peppermint Whoopie Pie.
Cafe Brazil: 6420 N. Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Chocolate Indulgence Cake.
Spiral Diner:1101 North Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 :: Order: Any piece of vegan cake they have. You won't regret it!
Whiskey Cake: 3601 Dallas Pwky, Plano, TX 75093 :: Order: Whiskey Cake (toffee torte, Bookers Bourbon Anglaise, spiced pecans, and homemade whipped cream). 

The Velvet Taco: 3012 N Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: The Grilled Adobo Shrimp Taco (#16), the Wild Mushroom Taco (#4), or the Grilled Flank Steak & Egg Taco (#20) with a side of Rotisserie Corn and Potatoes (a secret menu item).
Torchy's Tacos: 5921 Forrest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230 :: Order: The Baja Shrimp Taco, Crossroads Taco, or Fried Avocado Taco with a side of Green Chile Queso and a Boylan's Root Beer on tap.
Good 2 Go Taco: 1146 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX 75218 :: Order: The Paris, TX Taco or the Minnie Pearl Taco with a Maine Root beer.
Rusty Taco: 4802 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: The Brisket Taco (#5), the Fried Baja Shrimp Taco (#7), and the Fried Chicken Taco (#10) with a side of Chips & Salsa and a cold Bohemia.

Pecan Lodge: (Open from 11am-3pm in Building 2 of the Dallas Farmer's Market) Voted Best BBQ in Texas and definitely worth the 2 hour wait. Get there early! Order: 3 Meat Combo Plate (pulled pork, brisket, ribs), side of M-m-mac'n Cheese, and a Hot Mess sweet potato. Ask for extra sauce!

Nammi Truck: (Truck schedule) Order: BBQ Pork Tacos and a Grilled Pork Banh Mi with a Fresh Basil Mint Lemonade.
The Butcher's Son: (Truck schedule) Order: Ralph's Reuben Brat with a side of Lime Fries and an order of Black Gold (fried Oreos).
SsahmBBQ: (Truck schedule) Order: Beef Tacos with a side of Kimchee Fries.
Rockstar Bakeshop: (Truck schedule) Order: Smoke on the Water & the Voodoo Child.
Ruthie's Rolling: (Truck schedule) Order: The Classic & The Boss grilled cheese sammies.

The Ginger Man
: 2718 Boll Street, Dallas, TX 75204 :: Order: Any of their 80 beers on tap.
Meddlesome Moth
:1621 Oak Lawn Avenue #B, Dallas, TX 75207 :: Order: Captain Keith Beer Flight.
The Bottle Shop: 2116 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Order: Any of their 500 beers in stock!

TC's Shaved Ice
:10999 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218 :: Order: Tiger's Blood with extra cream.

Galaxy Drive-In: 5301 North Interstate Highway 45, Ennis, TX 75119 :: You'll fall in love with this small town American town! Tickets $6 each (cash only).

We Are 1976: 1902 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206 :: Our sweet friends Vynsie, Jully, and Derek own this shop and it's the best place in town to find a gift for that special someone!
Lula B's: 2630 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226 & 1010 Riverfront Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207 :: One of our favorite places to find vintage and retro furniture.
Curiosities: 2025 Abrams, Dallas, TX 75214 :: The shop in Dallas that reminds us most of Austin. You'll spend hours getting lost in all of their strange and one-of-a-kind antiques! 
Tailwaters Fly Shop: 2416 McKinney Avenue  Dallas, TX 75201 :: The best fly shop in town! Ask for Travis. He'll take good care of you.

If you have any other recommendations or places you think we should try, please send us an email! We'll be updating our list often.


brandonavance said...

i would interject, though Twisted Root is a great burger, there are many greats left off this list.
I have Maple and Motor, Burger Street, Jakes and Five Guys ranked above Twisted Root- Just comparing the burger.
The rootbeer will definitely push Twisted Root over the edge for me though!!!!
Reminded me that I need to go grab a Sundae Sac SOON!!!

Jessica said...

I'm in Plano...with kids. I wish all the great places weren't downtown! Although, we have Fireside and In N Out :)

Meghan @ The Rambling Sister said...

I love Cafe Brazil, The Pearl Cup, and Fireside Pies. I visited all three while on a business trip to Dallas earlier this year. Can't wait to visit again. Thanks for the list!

Today's Letters said...

boa, great burger suggestions. we have yet to eat at maple & motor and burger street. double date soon so we can add them to our list??

jess, i wish we knew plano better!

meghan, we'll def be adding our favorite food trucks (and others!) to our list! you'll have to check them out in feb.

Courtney said...

Totally great list! Just an update: Stir is now Cultivar.

Amanda J. said...

I love how you organize your blog, so thoughtful and creative, your effort does not go unnoticed. Thank you for the suggestions!

yes to brightness said...

I live in Virginia and/or San Diego so this post was just RUDE.

...kidding ;)


Chelle Lynn said...

Pizza By Marco and Grimaldi's are also amazing pizza joints. Definitely worth a try if you haven't yet.

Morgan said...

SO many great places on this list. I'd also include Cindi's NY Deli for best breakfast, and Del's Hamburgers in Richardson (if you go outside the "loop").

Erynn said...

Best Brekky up north is coffeehouse cafe off of Preston/Frankford. Best Brunch and atmosphere up North is Whiskey Cake off of Parker/Tollway!

Brooke said...

LOVE this. Saving it, and can't wait to partake next time I'm in Dallas!

Scott said...

GREAT list! I want to try them all...

One suggestion for dessert - Whiskey Cake from the Whiskey Cake Kitchen in Plano may be the best dessert I have ever tried in my entire life. We'll take you there some time.

brandonavance said...

Most definitely need a double hot date soon!!! Love it!

christina said...

TC's is amazing, but I would like to interject that their best snocone is: Half Pink Lady and Half Wedding Cake! ;-) The only TC's I know that's still around is in Plano- please tell me there are others?!?!

Great list- thanks for posting...can't wait to try 'em all out...someday!

pam said...

this is perfect! we just moved to dallas (well, actually a little bit north) from seattle. thanks! pam

Rachel Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing this! So many of these spots are favorites of mine, too.

Moon said...

You read my mind!! We're visisting Dallas as part of a road trip in the US in spring, will definitely try some of these adresses!!

Caitlin Russell said...

You guys should try Kenny's Wood Fire Grill in Addison, off the DNT. The pop-overs are a delicacy of their own and the "frenchie" martini is fabulous.

Amanda Guillot said...

Try liberty burger at forest and inwood when you can. Sweet potato fries and amazing gourmet-style burgers. Verrrry good!

Becca Zimmerman said...

I'm heading out to Austin, TX next week... it'll be my first time in the lone star state! I know this is for Dallas, but I was wondering if you knew of any must-see (or eat or go) places in Austin as well?

Today's Letters said...

bec, south congress is a great place to hit up while in austin. guero's, homeslice, hotel san jose, jo's coffee, hey cupcake, uncommon objects, magnolia cafe ... it's all good! salt lick is a great place for bbq (a little outside of austin). def hit up torchy's taco trailer and gourdough's for donuts if you can. honestly, too many good places to eat and see in austin. you'll love it!

Becca Zimmerman said...


I am leaving Texas tomorrow, but I had a great trip here in Austin! I tried Home Slice, Jo's Coffee, Hey Cupcake!, uncommon objects, and torchy's tacos. Wow. I got a lot in and had a great time. THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!

The Way I See It said...

I love about 97% of this list. But CANNOT believe Burger House didn't make the list. It's always one of my first stops when returning home! The very best of Dallas.

Maggie said...

If you guys are ever in Deep Ellum- Cane Rosso will wow you! Some of the best neapolitan pie I've ever had. Definitely a must try!

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