{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, December 23, 2011

To kick off this week's FPF photos we have Craig and Ann who threw fist pumps and leg kicks on Lake Malawi in Mozambique. Craig serves at the Africa Bible College Christian Academy in Lilongwe and Ann came to visit him for Christmas! PS, pretty sure that onlooker is j-to-the-ealous of your rockin Chacos.

Next meet Katelyn's Texas A&M homies Dylan, Kelsey and Kaitlin (Twinners!), and Chelsea who threw fist pumps outside of Liberty Tattoo in College station. Way to reunite and bond over permanent ink!

Our next photo is of Matt and Amy's kiddos Madison (3), Ian (2), Makayla (3), and Johnathan (7) who threw fist pumps in the courtroom last week after the judge made their adoption official. What an incredible moment for the Mayberry family!

Next meet Becky and Brook who threw fist pumps and leg kicks outside of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Brook has spent the past 2 years studying abroad in China and was grateful to have her friend come and visit during the holidays.

Our next photo is of my sweet Twinner who threw fist pumps and leg kicks outside of the Dallas Firefighter Museum yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll move to Tejas and start rescuing people out of burning buildings.

Next meet sweet friends Jocelyn (Taylor University) and Brittany (Utah State) who spent time over Christmas break slamming Tim Tams. Way to make us proud little chickens!

Lastly, meet this week's FPF challenge winners from Pittsburgh: Ainsley (8), Jude (3), and Sage (almost 6). These siblings threw fist pumps and leg kicks while rockin around their Christmas tree!

This week's FPF challenge: take a picture of you throwing fist pumps and leg kicks with your favorite Christmas gift. Bonus points if it includes pink footie pajamas from Aunt Clara. Email photos to em@todaysletters.com ... it's just that simple.

Happy freaking Friday, Homies!


sarabethkelly said...

Brook! I love that girl. So so much! She's a gem. What a joy to see her throwing fist pumps!

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