{Our Weekend in Instagram Photos}

Monday, December 19, 2011

This weekend we made homemade pumpkin pancakes (again).

Opened packages delivered by Mr. McFeely.

Stacked cream cheese for baking.

Did some last minute shopping at my favorite flea market

Filled metal dump trucks with bottle brush trees. 

Watched Mr. Loerke fall in love with his springform pan.

Made snow globes reflective of childhood memories.  

Ate our weight in Poor Man's Toffee.

Picked up my Papa from the airport in the Santa mobile

Fried a turkey.

Hugged lots.

And ate two pieces of homemade pumpkin cheesecake before crawling into bed ... a great weekend! How was yours? Did you try anything new? Make something that made you smile? Hug someone tight?

Happy Freaking Monday, Homies! Only 5 days, 14 hours, and 18 minutes until Christmas.


David Leventhal said...

Looks like you guys has an AWESOME weekend!! Grace upon grace upon grace!!

the newlywed wife said...

Love this post and this weekend!
Hubs and I also had a great weekend! Post to come!

Sar said...

Love the bokeh effect with an iPhone camera of your cheesecake! Totally impressed. And time with dads are always great! I'm envious, but I get to see mine soon!

<3 Happy Monday, Loerke fam!

Amanda said...

We made the santa hat brownies you all told us about last week with the little one. It was so fun and yummy!!

Serene said...

That snow globe is soooo cool. I am so making one:) You are cool.

dhhargrove said...

What an entirely lovely and appetizing weekend. Thank you for sharing! I had the pleasure of assisting my niece in shooting a wedding yesterday....and yes I cried. I love witnessing two people deciding to chase God's will together.

brlracincwgrl said...

What a wonderful weekend! I made the Poor Man's Toffee for the first time, yum!!!

I love your snow globe!

Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

How awesome is Instagram? I mean, seriously. It's the best app ever invented. I love it!

Autumn said...

This is another reason why I want an iPhone haha. Everything that says pumpkin on this post simply made me drool...yummy!

Erin from Hey, Soul Sister! said...

Love the color of the springform pan!!! Where did you get that????

Lima said...

My favorite part about this post was you & your papa. Makes me excited to hug mine tomorrow when I get to Houston. Grace and peace.

Tina Jett said...

If you haven't already made friends with the book The Farm Chicks Christmas, you must do so. Pretty certain you'd dig.


And I want an aluminum tree something fierce.

Today's Letters said...

david, indeed! such a wonderful weekend.

tnl, thankful your weekend was filled with lots of awesome too.

sar, papa hugs are the best.

amanda, no way! so glad. aren't they tasty?

serene, just be sure and used distilled water (i think that keeps the glitter from clumping).

dhargrove, real men cry at weddings.

brl, did you spread out the chocolate? sometimes i like to leave it, but this weekend i used a spatuala while it was melting.

paige, totally agree. i use instagram almost as much as photoshop.

autumn, we got iphones last year and i'm so thankful to have one!

erin, i included the link in today's recipe post! you can also buy one at target.

lima, dday for papa hugs. enjoy houston!

tjett, looks like a great book. and you haven't steered me wrong since sending me a recipe for homemade magic shell. ps, they wanted $75 for the aluminum tree. a fair price considering i've seen some for $150!

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