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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Missing Piece: The Truth About the Man Who Stole The Mona Lisa

The Apple Pushers: The Story of Immigrant Street Vendors On A Mission to Sell Fresh Fruit in Inner City New York

Press Pause Play: The Truth About Art and Talent In Today's Digital Era

SOMM: The Story of Four Sommeliers Trying to Pass The Prestigious Master Sommelier Exam.


Heather The Great said...

Hey I absolutely love your movie selections. I have tried to watch every one, if I can. I have a question, where do I go to watch these new documentaries? I do not have netflix. Any tips on where to see them?

Thanks for sharing!

Today's Letters said...

sometimes they've been uploaded into youtube in a 6 o7 part series. otherwise, the only other place i know of checking would be your local library!

anyone else have any thoughts / ideas?

Heather The Great said...

Yea the Library is where I got Made in Dagenham. (per your recommendation) So I can try that for sure. Thanks.

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