{Happy New Year!}

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Today was filled with: naps, reading, a run, our weekly questions, the removal of Santa (tear), goal setting, homemade black eyed peas and football.  A fantastic start to the New Year. Btw, I'm convinced fresh starts are as life giving as 12 hours of sleep or the first fallen snow. Anyone else with me?


Tina Jett said...

YUP. I know some who are scoffing at everyone's new plans, because "it's just another day", but I think it's part of our psyche to have a bookend (start or finish) to the chapters in our lives. If it helps to get the job done, so be it. Works for me!

Bird from AstheBirdflies said...

I've been so excited about this new year and making goals (I had three lists of goals - travel, personal and professional) and I have proactively been planning how I can and will meet them.

I always make sure I can kick off some of my goals on January 1st as I like to maximise that New Year Energy because I know all too soon it will be gone and I will have to dig deep for goal commitment!

Happy New Year Mr & Mrs Loerke x

Nicole Jeannette said...

I never knew about the black eyed pea thing, but I did it today!! Yum!

Today's Letters said...

tjett, being a twinner i think i'll always be a fan of bookends.

bird, way to set goals! writing them down makes us 10 x's more likely to follow through with them.

nicole, we hide a dime in ours. the person who finds it gets extra sugar :)

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