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Sunday, January 01, 2012

This month we have some wonderful new sponsors who would love to share their blogs, Etsy shops, and websites with you! Our blog receives 200,000+ page views per month and would love to have you listed as one of our FEBRUARY sponsors. Just contact us for a rate sheet!

My Sweet Muffin is a lovely online store specializing in unique, modern and adorable baby items. We offer only the highest quality and most creative baby products we can find. If you're looking for a really special baby or toddler gift, My Sweet Muffin has great suggestions.

:: Meatbagz ::

Why Meatbagz? Why not? Life's too short to be boring, so why would you carry a boring bag? Meatbagz are vintage military and military inspired bags that have been hand printed by the Meatbagz Broads, Mack and Kate. You won't find their original designs anywhere else, darn it, and each print is unique and each print is awesome, just like you. (That's the word on the street, so don't try and deny it!). To sweeten the deal (and because we love Today's Letters as much as you do), just use the promo code LETTERS at check out and receive 15% off your order!

:: Dandyville ::

Dandyville is a swell town. It's your town. Here, creatively and fun are high on the values list and come in many forms: visual, audible, edible, experience...able (Go with it). Dandyville celebrates citizens who are making amazing things, thinking outside the box, and uncovering the awesome in everyday. As honorary citizens, you're invited to share the things that you feel are pretty awesome, too. On Twitter and Instagram, you can use the hashtag, #dandyville, and you can post your photos on the Facebook page using your very own dandy flag in your images. Brought to you by the editor of Spoon : the e-zine, the letter T, and the number 7.

Marriage rocks ... but it's certainly not the fairy tale we're led to believe as little girls. In fact, wedding planning is stressful, married couples have conflict, and dealing with unmet expectations can be downright exhausting. Then there's finances, intimacy, housekeeping, cooking, and balancing time between your spouse and your friends. LiveSimplyLove is a blog born out of my desire to keep it real, tell the truth and encourage one another along the way. My name is Merritt, and I'd love it if you'd stop by, say hello and even share what you love about your spouse!

Hello & hugs! My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at Until Only Love Remains. I'm a twenty-something who pretends to be a grown up. I love people, glitter, adventures, dress up, creating, exploring, and dating my best friend. I lead a messy, crafty life and I would be honored if you would join me on my adventures! Another exciting thing: I have my own little boutique where I sell the things I create! Hop on over to my shop and use the promo code TODAYSLETTERS for 30% off because I love this blog just as much as you do!

Hi, I'm Allison, Christ follower, wife and high school biology teacher (among other things). I am a lifestyle blogger who loves to write about faith, books, sewing projects, running advice, and tales of my daily adventures. My husband and I recently moved back to New England after living for 3 years in the Midwest. We love the culture, adventure and history that New England has to offer, but we often miss the strong family values, slower pace and wide open spaces of the Midwest. Join us as we share life, love and laughter along the way at whatever the circumstances.


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