{You All Are So Brave!}

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a quick hello to say THANK YOU to all of you who answered our questions on the blog today! You are officially no longer considered closet commenters. It's been fun getting to know you better, and in doing so we have realized five things: 1) you all are a bunch of talented people - everything from stay at home mama's to ivy league students 2) more of you live in the Dallas area than we thought 3) there are officially 2 men reading our blog 4) you all have impeccable taste in music and 5) you guys keep Crest in business. We love you guys!

PS, in case you haven't heard, Patagonia is having a huge sale ... go getchu some!


Peyton said...

whoa whoa whoa... how could you tell where we were from?? Or did I miss that part of the question!?

Although... I am in Dallas too! So you were right no matter where your info was from!

P.S. I'm convinced our paths will cross in real life one day. I have many friends that go to Watermark. Some of them even went to see the Civil Wars when you did! I figure we run into each other in about t-minus 4 months.

Kristina said...

I'm amazed by how many people answered your questions! And it was so fun to read them all. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that but yes I did read all of the comments and I loved it :)

Brandon said...

Make that three men!

Today's Letters said...

peyton, some people included it in the last question. here's to t-minus 4 months for our run in.

kristina, i'm glad you read everyone's comments. super encouraging to see how different everyone is. love it!

brandon, three buttermilk pancakes for you! glad to have you reading.

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