{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, February 03, 2012

To kick off this week's photos we have John, Alex, Tyler and Jay who threw fist pumps at the X Games in Aspen, CO. Bonus points for being our first all dude FPF photo and for supporting those Hawks!

Next, meet our first elephant FPF challenge photo! English teachers Laura, Tiffany and Kayla threw fist pumps on an elephante' while vacationing in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Way to go girls!

And look who else threw fist pumps while riding an elephant in Thailand! This is Erin and her friend Lorelle. Erin is currently doing fieldwork and research for her graduate thesis. (She's also Tyler's wife who is pictured in the X Games photo above!).

Our next photo is of Northern Virginia Young Life staff Margaret and Megan who threw fist pumps with their homies at Young Life's All Staff Celebration in Orlando, FL. Congratulations to Young Life for celebrating 70 years!

Do you remember Tim from this FPF photo in Costa Rica? Here he is with some of his friends throwing fist pumps and leg kicks on another Alternative Student Break trip (this time to Quito, Ecuador). I'm always encouraged by what ASB is doing on Auburn's campus!

Speaking of Auburn, next meet Marti (Auburn), Kelsey (Auburn), Janie (University of Alabama), and Caroline (Auburn) who threw fist pumps an leg kicks after working at D-Now at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham. Way to invest in the lives of high school students, Littles!

Our next photo is of another familiar face. You might recognize this little guy from this FPF photo back in December. Karter is almost 5 months old and still throwing fist pumps!

Lastly, meet Jona who threw fist pumps with the mail woman at a friend's graphic design shop in down town Troy, NY. Way to help us complete another one of our FPF challenge photos!

Thanks to Laura, Tiffany, Kayla, Erin, Lorelle, and Jona we've now completed two more of our FPF challenges this year. Here's to accomplishing some others! Take a photo of you and your homies A) at the Pyramids in Egypt B) while riding an elephant  C) with your mailman  D) at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo E) in front Antique Archaeology in Nashville F) at the Sistine Chapel in Rome and G) at the Superbowl! Of course all other entries will be accepted. To participate in FPF email photos to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com. Most importantly, happy freaking Friday, Homies!


earlynovemberlove said...

Wow, weird, I just got back from a teacher conference in Birmingham and we stayed with families from Shades Mountain Baptist. Random!

Beth Barron said...

SHOUT OUT TO Laura!! Way to rep Berry College in China! :)

Chelsea said...

this is awesome!

I was a young lifer in high schoool and a leader for 2 years afterwards! Love love love young life!


your blog is amazing and so encouraging.

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