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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

This month we have some wonderful new sponsors who would love to share their blogs, Etsy shops, and websites with you! Our blog receives 200,000+ page views per month and would love to have you listed as one of our MARCH sponsors. Just contact us for a rate sheet!

Roots In The Air offers fine hand knit items with a focus on natural fibers. Color and comfort is the philosophy. We make beautiful, thoughtful, and timeless pieces, helping you express yourself. Be sure and check out our shop and blog!

I'm a dad, a husband and an artist. I'm shy but can come out of my shell when finally comfortable in my surroundings. Because I'm shy I take in a lot around me and observe the world as it goes by. I believe life should be simple and joy should be found in the everyday moments that surround us. I want to capture those moments and random thoughts that we all have. Visit my Etsy shop and check out my hand painted song lyrics on old vinyls.

:: Meatbagz ::

Why Meatbagz? Why not? Life's too short to be boring, so why would you carry a boring bag? Meatbagz are vintage military and military inspired bags that have been hand printed by the Meatbagz Broads, Mack and Kate. You won't find their original designs anywhere else, darn it, and each print is unique and each print is awesome, just like you. (That's the word on the street, so don't try and deny it!). To sweeten the deal (and because we love Today's Letters as much as you do), just use the promo code LETTERS at check out and receive 15% off your order!

:: InspiredRD ::

Hi! I'm Alysa- wife, mom, dietitian, personal trainer, crafter, cook, and proud wearer of onion goggles. On my blog InspiredRD I share things that inspire me in the hopes that they will inspire you too. Stop by to check out healthy recipes, fitness challenges, crafting ideas and family fun. This year we are focusing on gratitude with the 365 Thanks Project, and would love to invite you to be a part of it. You can also swing by my Etsy Shop to find one-of-a-kind creations using vintage and upcycled threads.

:: Dandyville ::

is a swell town. It's your town. It's where creativity and fun are high on the values list and come in many forms: visual, audible, edible, experience...able. Dandyville celebrates citizens who are making amazing things, thinking outside the box, and uncovering the awesome in everyday. As honorary citizens, you're invited to share the things that you feel are pretty awesome, too. On Twitter and Instagram, you can use the hashtag, #dandyville, and you can post your photos on the Facebook page using your very own dandy flag in your images. Today's Letters readers get 15% off in the market when using the code LETTERS at checkout. Dandyville is brought to you by the editor of Spoon : the e-zine, the letter T, and the number 7.

Hi, I'm Allison, Christ follower, wife and high school biology teacher (among other things). I am a lifestyle blogger who loves to write about faith, books, sewing projects, running advice, and tales of my daily adventures. My husband and I recently moved back to New England after living for 3 years in the Midwest. We love the culture, adventure and history that New England has to offer, but we often miss the strong family values, slower pace and wide open spaces of the Midwest. Join us as we share life, love and laughter along the way at whatever the circumstances.

Hi there! I am so excited to be saying "Hi" from the actual blog of Today's Letters - one of the first blogs I started reading! I'm Sheila and I blog over here at The Failte House. I am a twenty-something adventurist and aspiring photographer who happens to live on an island and have happily hosted roughly 60 visitors last year, {All my friends and family, I'm not running a hostel here}. On that note, my blog is meant to capture amazing island visitors, a source to find your morning inspiration, a spot where we constantly discuss the importance of pursuing your dreams/vocation, and a platform to help launch my passion for photography. Come on over - I would love to meet you and hear your story!

Happydally blog began as a personal challenge to share the positive things in my daily life. Teacherbarbie by day, and Just Dance 3 Champion by night, I love photography, cooking, crafting, and making people laugh. My dog Sherman, Farmboy, and LOTS of good food are what makes me Happydally.

Hello, I'm Scout! My blog, Cardigans and Old Watches, is where I share my photography, music I love, updates to my Etsy shop, pretty things I find online, and, occasionally, really awesome things like how to cut glass with fire. In honor of Today's Letters, I'm offering 25% off all items in my Etsy shop, Hooks & Reels. Just enter the code YouveGotMail152 when you checkout.


Suzie said...

Do you know Abby from Roots in the Air? She was my mentor the first year at Taylor....she is SO fun!! And adorable for that matter! Small world reading this blog. :)

Today's Letters said...

AKD is a dear friend of mine! small world that you know her too :) Fist pumps for Taylor and #58 sundae's from Hoe's!

ABBY said...

sweet suzie! no way!! SO glad to reconnect. got your blog in my reader. my email is abbykatedennis@gmail.com.

Suzie said...

Oh Abby... I'm so far behind in my blog! No time for that with 2 kiddos running around! Someday I might get back to it! I will email you though! Looks like you have some great friends! And cute scarves :)

Meghan @ The Rambling Sister said...

Loving inspiredRD's cuffs! Great list of sponsors here!

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