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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And you thought we were kidding about the goat! So far 24 of you have registered to run the Sudan Footrace with us. Way to represent, Homies!

If you're still on the fence about it, we'd encourage you to go ahead and SIGN UP. Six weeks is plenty of time to get in shape for a 5K. And remember, we run slower than most of you can walk.

{Team Loerke at The Sudan Footrace in 2010}

Just be sure and register under our tribe name "Today's Letters." Looking forward to supporting our friends at Seed Effect and e3 Sudan!

Over and out,
Tim & Em


Kristina said...

This sounds like such a fun idea. I wish I was still in the states at the end of April so I could join your tribe ;-)

Beth said...

This would be so much fun to do! Bummer, I'm not in Texas this semester. Will you do it again next year? Or are there other races y'all run?

Robyn said...

looks like a great race and cause

Anonymous said...

So excited! Me and a couple of friends will be signing up soon!!

Bethany said...

I spend most of my time living in South Sudan, and check your blog for glimpses of American life when I'm away from the States. SO, I'm super excited that you're running for Sudan. Hope the race is great!

Today's Letters said...

kristina, we wish you could join us, too!

beth, we hope to do it again next year. tim and i try to run a couple of small races each year. we'll keep you posted if we do another group race!

robyn, seed effect is the shiz.

anony, hope you do sign up! looking forward to running with you and your homies.

bethany, so encouraged to hear that you live most of the time in south sudan. wish we could have visited when we were teaching in arua! xo

Rachel said...

Such a great idea - just signed my bf, James, and myself up for the race! Thanks for forming a team and inviting people to join.

Today's Letters said...

rach, so glad you and james will be joining us!!! can't wait to meet you both :)

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