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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, your methods for catching insects fascinates me. Who would have thought vinegar and a funnel would save our fruit? Bill Nye needs to hire you. Dear Pre-Marrieds Class, we meet again. Em and I are looking forward to speaking at you tonight! Dear Teeth, Dr. Morgan says I grind you a lot which makes me have cavities. I told her it's because I get excited every day about work. The price you pay when you love your job! Dear Emma, a few nights ago you had a nightmare that woke both of us up. I held you close and then you fell asleep in my arms. Know that I'll always be here for you!

Over and out,

What are you fearful of? Confession. I'm afraid of bugs. I will sometimes even have Em kill them for me. I know. How can a man who loves blood and guts be so terrified of insects? I have no idea.
Whole30 Day 23: Breakfast Smoothie, Cherry Pie LĂ„RABAR, Roasted Almonds, Jazz Apple, Apricots, Banana Muffin, Snappy Salad's Sweet & Smokey Salad (no cheese), Banana Ice Cream.
Overview: Yesterday I felt pretty crummy. Not sure if it was from the acidity of the tomato paste I introduced into my diet or if I'm just eating too much fruit, but this girl could barely stand up straight. I've begun to realize that reintroducing dairy, grain, and sugar into my diet will have to be a slow process. Thankfully, I don't have much of a desire to return entirely to the way I was eating before. I think for the first time in my life the thought of eating a bag of Sour Patch Kids makes my belly ache. #mourning


Ashleigh said...

Teach us about this insect killing vinegar and funnel!
I'm afraid roaches and any insect that stings. But another trick for ya - any degreasing dish soap (make sure it's degreasing!!) mixed with hot water and splash on a wasp will kill it. The soap and water melts its joints which are made of wax. Hubby does this often. (I'm not getting close enough to do this!)

The Mint Academy / LOT{c} said...

Hi! I am doing whole30 too! Day 23. I think you need more protein. I had the same problem so I started eating less fruit and more protein a week and a half ago and I feel better than I ever have. Ever. I even have the energy to do Insanity training now. Protein first thing in the morning. Fruit snack around 10. veggie & a little protein lunch. Fruit & nut snack if you need it around 3:00. protein & veggie dinner. protein or veggie snack later if you need it.

Han said...

Rollercoasters! Which is unfortunate given that Chris loves them. I can't pin what it is I don't like about them because when I was younger I loved them. I went to Alton Towers when I was 16 and loved it. When I was 23ish and went to Wickstead Park I hated it. I had a panic attack of sorts on the Pirate Ship which is like nothing (good job it wasn't like when I was like 13 or 14 and blacked out!)

Jess said...

It sounds silly... But I'm super afraid of breaking a toenail. I don't know what it is about my little piggies, but I can't handle the thought of a broken toenail!

Today's Letters said...

ash, tim's biggest fear is finding a roach at home when i'm no there to help him. re: insect trap, the bugs go down the funnel and can't get back out. for some reason they're drawn to vinegar.

tma, def need more protien. made an omlette this morning (no cheese) and can already tell a difference. thanks for your sweet advice!

han, i've never ridden a rollercoaster. one of my biggest fears! i like to stand in line with my friends but then take the chicken exit.

jess, 3 points for saying little piggies before 10am.

Melinda said...


Too cute, you are afraid of bugs. I on the other hand am afraid of flying. I do at, at least once a year sometimes more, but I still hate it. Something about not being in control, not knowing what is going on, bounching around at take-off. Ugh. Makes me have an ulcer everytime. I'd prefer to have a fear of bugs instead. Wanna trade?

dhhargrove said...

Microphones/Public speaking. most eefinitely a "behind the lens/curtain kind of guy. As to rollercoasters, dont know what I would do if i was afraid of those....absolutely LOVE them! ooo..ideaspark...public speaking ON a rollercoaster. wonder if Six flags would let me take a "Mr Microphone" on one if theirs for practice?

Meg said...

bill nye the science guy.

we used to get extra credit if we watched him in high school.

bill was the man.

wildchild said...

that's the sweetest thing when he'll wake up with you and hug away those bad dreams. so sweet.

and secretly, i'm afraid of the dark. and trains. random.

chalice said...

only the loerke's would know how to make insect-catching-devices so attractive and pleasant to look at .

i remember something like this in our kitchen...except the funnel was cut off the top of a soda bottle that drained into an old cup noodles container. class-ay, huh?!

love how you celebrate beauty in little things:)

shoutingforha said...

I'm terrified of snakes. Just thinking about them makes my heart replace and my hands feel weak. If I see one slithering in my grass I get so freaked out that I refuse to step in the yard for at least a week.

Anonymous said...

The last two sentences on this blog were absolutely.beautiful. Someone to just hold you and protect you, wow such love! Thank you for everything that you all do through a blog. Its incredible!!

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