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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, after our run last night we had a conflict that left us both asking for each other's forgiveness. Our marriage isn't perfect, but love that our value for marital oneness is what drives us back together. Dear Goals, so far I've fallen short of two of you this year. Here's to fresh starts and clean slates in the middle of April. Dear Cain's Cardboard Arcade, your imagination rivals that of Peter Pan and Willy Wonka. Sign me up for a fun pass. Dear Timothy James, last night's feast of Cowboy Breakfast Skillet made me ride my invisible horse around the kitchen. Job well done padna'.

Watching Caine's documentary reminded me of the time when Twinner and I sent our Papa down the stairs in a cardboard refrigerator box. He crashed so hard at the bottom the box exploded into a million pieces. We were sure he was dead. Now it's a story we look back on and laugh until our sides hurt! What's one of your favorite childhood memories?

Whole30 Day 9: Strawberries & Pineapple, Mexican Omelet (no cheese) & Sweet Potatoes from Cafe Brazil, Strawberries, Cherry Lara Bar, Banana, BLT Salad, Coconut Milk & Banana Ice Cream.
Whole30 Day 10: Fruit Smoothie, Chili Lime Cashews, Cherry Lara Bar, Spicy Kale Chips, leftover Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, Jazz Apple, Justin's Almond Butter, Cowboy Breakfast Skillet, Coconut Milk & Banana Ice Cream.
Overview: This week I've learned that a second trip to the store is worth the exchange of having fresh produce and meat. I've also learned that diced mushrooms are a great substitute for bread crumbs, a can of coconut milk solidifies in the fridge, and if I'm not near a bathroom around 10:30 each morning I'm in trouble. Five dollhairs says I'll sheet my pants before this thing is over.


Mary Michelle said...

I come from a blended family with 6 kids - 5 girls and 1 boy. Growing up, my sisters were my best friends and worst enemies...sometimes our relationships changed within a matter of minutes (aren't sisters great like that?). Whenever our family went on camping trips, my parents would send us to play while they set up our site. We would search for the campground's amphitheater and practice recreating fairy tales. My brother was always in charge of bringing my parents to the amphitheater so that they could watch us perform yet another rendition of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We went camping a lot, so I am sure my parents knew exactly what to expect, but they clapped anyway :) Camping trips in general are my fondest childhood memories...for sure.

My older sister (the oldest- I come 2nd) would also choreograph dances to various songs (such as Ace of Base) whenever my cousins came into town. We would then be forced to perform the dances...much like a danceline...for my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I am almost positive we have them on a home video somewhere. Pretty embarrassing stuff.

Lindsey. said...

My oh my does that cowboy breakfast skillet look delish!
My fiance is celiac, and I am lactose intolerant, so this would be awesome for both of us! All your recipes sound great though. I was gonna suggest spaghetti squash, but looks like you got that one! You can also use fresh green beans with spaghetti sauce over the top... yum!

My fondest memories as a child usually involve my sister who was just one year younger. One time, we were playing Oregon trail or something, and we set up a camp, making a fire out of tumbleweeds and dried grass. We didn't know how high those flames would go... high enough for my dad to see and come outside. We got spanked I'm pretty sure, but oh such a good memory.

Jessica K. said...

"Five dollhairs says I'll sheet my pants before this thing is over." <-- I straight up almost sheet my pants laughing when I read that. Bahahahaha!

I even had to read it aloud to my future hubs to enjoy it a second time.


Michelle said...

HAHAHA I literally laughed out loud at my desk when I read your "bathroom troubles" haha! When I first read over the Whole 30 program, I thought there was virtually nothing you can eat. But you keep surprising me! Thanks, as always, for the inspiring words.

Today's Letters said...

loved reading about your childhood memories mary and lindsey! jess and michelle, i'm glad you appreciate my humor.

kg. said...

Bahahaha! WHY do I love poo jokes?! Hilarious!

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