{Fruit Smoothie}

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I finally came up with a fruit smoothie that makes me wanna shimmy and shake in my jammers. (A girl can only take so many sausage & egg casseroles you know). There are several different variations you could make using the ingredients below. The key is to use only frozen fruit since you're not using any ice.

Frozen Mangoes
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Bananas
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Blackberries
Loose pinch of Spinach (if you add too much your smoothie will taste like wood chips)
1/4 Cup Coconut Milk (BUY CANNED! I just learned the Coconut Milk pictured above is not Whole30 Approved)
1/2 Cup Apple, Carrot & Beet Juice (or another natural juice that doesn't contain sugar).


Mix above ingredients in a blender until well combined. We like to use bubble tea straws for our smoothies since they are thicker. You can find them at Asian grocery stores (50 for $1) or you can buy them online here. Happy Easter Sunday, Homies!


Sierra said...

Definitely trying this!

Kristina said...

Looks delicious. I love smoothies for breakfast and I'm always looking for new recipes. But is it possible to substitute the coconut milk? I'm not a huge fan of coconut in any way.

Today's Letters said...

kristina, if you want to keep it whole30 friendly you could always use almond milk or add more juice.

christina said...

Why only frozen fruits? Just curious..

Today's Letters said...

c, because you aren't using any ice! the frozen fruit help keep it from being runny.

Kayla @ www.sealedwithakay.com said...

That looks SO GOOD! I'm going to try this mostly because I too wanna shimmy and shake in my jammers!

(; hehe
XO Kayla

Kristina said...

Emily, thanks for the ideas :)

christina said...

ok- i always used frozen fruit for that purpose, but didn't know if there was some other 'healthier than norm' reason behind that ;)

She~ said...

Looks Yummy! Thanks for Posting! MUST TRY!

Mindy Fresh said...

Oh my goo! Am drinking the smoothie right now and it's amazing!!!! We are trying to stop running out for drinks in the evenings - I think this will help! Thank you!!!

Derval said...

It looks good & tasty and all but definitely does not fit in to Whole30 guidelines, because of the carton of the coconut milk and the fruit juice.

Today's Letters said...

Derval, thanks for the head's up! i had no idea. I will work on getting my images / ingredients changed ASAP!

Anonymous said...

This looks DELICIOUS, but not for Whole30, for many reasons:

1. It's a smoothie. Whole30 wants you to EAT you food as opposed to drinking it. When you liquify your food, it's digested much faster. Therefore, you get hungry faster.

2. Whole30 breakfast should be based on proteins and fat. This smoothie is mostly carbs.

3. Too much fruit = too much frustose = insulin spike. Fruits are to be eaten in small quantities.

4. The goal of Whole30 is to create a healthier relationship with food. If someone is "addicted" to fruit smoothies, the idea is NOT to provide a recipe for fruit smoothie with coconut milk. The goal is to break from fruit/sugar addiction.

All in all, I'm sure this IS delicious, and with canned coconut milk and no sugar added fruit juice, it would be paleo. But it's not a good choice for Whole30.

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