{Happy Mother's Day}

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My grandpa Emmett {who I'm named after} with my mom in 1958.

Dear Mom, over the years you've introduced me to great music like Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, and The Grateful Dead {too bad grandma thought you were depressed when you painted their name on the basement wall}. You've also cheered me on at countless soccer games, taught me how to cast off of Marge's dock, and helped introduced me to my love of old things. You've reminded me the importance of "taking each day one day at a time," and have shown me that a simple life is the best kind to live. Thank you for inspiring me in my faith and for teaching me that learning people's names at grocery stores can make the greatest difference. Love you more than the 5 gallons of Folgers coffee you drink each day and your blue bandanny I wear that makes me feel brave.

Happy Mother's Day.


Katharina said...

Such a cute picture. And honastly I think you can tell that the little girl is your mum when you look in her and your face! Love the "names at grocery stores" ... think that it is so true!

Today's Letters said...

k, learning people's names is honestly not something i'm very good at but my mom makes it look easy. i have a lot to learn :)

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