{Bowsprit} by Balmorhea

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bowsprit n : a pole (or spar) of a sailing vessel extended forward from the prow. Providing an anchor point for the forestays. Guaranteed to be hooked after your sophomore listen. {Inspiration found at 3:18)

Constellations - Balmorhea


Kristina said...

I love when my breakfast is served with your late night music love. Best way to start the day!
Lots of love from Germany ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know them!! Went to high school with guitar player. Two areas colliding...so bizarre! Great stuff!!

Today's Letters said...

k, love that you enjoy them with your breakfast while i enjoy them before crawling into the biscuit!

anony, really? that's amazing! love their stuff.

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