{Gratitude} Lately

Monday, June 04, 2012

Thankful for this dude who stopped to help WMBM and I change her flat.

For this book which is worth reading again 14 years later.

For my favorite flea market that inspires my brainbox.

For new fly rods and happy husbands.

For Twinner's Airstream project that reminds me to keep my hands full with the right things.

For these tacos that were worth every bit of non-Whole30 awesomeness.

For this shirt that makes me smile every time I wear it. 

For this band which sounds best when played here.

And for these friends who see and live in my mess but love me anyway. Life is good. Happy freaking Monday, Homies! How was your weekend? What have you been grateful for lately?


Brianna Soloski said...

I have been struggling to find things to be grateful for lately. My house is a hard place to be right now, but perhaps I need to sit down and make a list anyway. Thanks for the inspiration!

wildchild said...

love this post. looks like you've been living the good life lately :)

i'm grateful for having time to do wedding things since school's been done, even though it means that i'm unemployed. and i'm thankful for an awesome fiance that's more than willing to help out :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE Jack Kerouac. Haven't read The Dharma Bums but loved Big Sur. I've been looking for good summer reading - thanks for the reminder of Jack Kerouac :)!!

Venessa said...

Been stalking your blog for a few months now....and wanted to finally comment.
I'm grateful that my husband and I survived his unemployment. Together. We're a stronger couple now. I'm also grateful that I think he's finally found a job. Here's hoping!
Love this blog. So inspiring! :)

Breanne said...

Where is this flea market you speak of??! I'm a semi-newb to the Dallas area (first full summer - eek!) and my hubby and I LOVE to thrift! Do share your secret :-)

sarah richmond said...

grateful for the words "adventure" and "simplify." for carhartt overalls, airstream trailers, and a side (pocket full) of blueberries*

especially grateful for the gift of being truly and deeply known, loved and adored beyond comprehension! yee-haw*

ps. twinner, might you score me some driftwood while exploring in AR this weekend? i've got some projects.

Today's Letters said...

bs, love your honesty. 'fantasy is what people want, but reality is what people need.' l.hill

wildchild, glad you're finally done with school. unemployment means more adventures ahead.

ak, need to read big sur. thanks for the reminder!

ness, thanks for being brave and commenting ;) celebrating your beloved's new job with you!

bre, this one is in lakewood. called curiosities. haggle with them like crazy. check out our best of dallas post for other good honey holes. http://www.todaysletters.com/search/label/Best%20of%20Dallas

twinner, knowing and being known. there's no greater thing! will find you lots of driftwood, heart shaped rocks, and fishing lures this week. keeping you in my pocket for the wibs at bubba's. xoxo

Molly Roberson said...

thankful for a warm cafe miel on saturday mornings, wool sweaters, old nautical rope, wild blueberry bushes in the mountains of North Carolina, & simple conversations with kindred spirits even if they are 13.5 hours away.

Annie Roonie said...

Love that Kentucky shirt! I'm from Louisville and have been reading your blog for several months. You and your husband are an inspiration!

I am gratefull for my family

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