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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Loerke, for the next 6 months you'll be spending Wednesday mornings in class learning how to provide the best care for your patients. I love that you'll do this all in exchange for a free medical book and improved bedside manor. You care so much! Dear Birthday Gifts, it's amazing how simple things can make a person feel so known. My friends? The best a girl could ever ask for. Dear Perspective, you shifted yesterday as I visited the CVICU and prayed with a mom who's 3 year old is fighting for his life. Don't let me forget this today. Dear Timothy James, wanna go pick blueberries this weekend? Rumor is you don't have to work.

What are you most looking forward to today?


Han said...

Connect Group tonight - my awesome friend Suzie is telling us all about her year in South Africa with YWAM.

While I'm at work I've been emailing my friend JD - we were joking about moving to Ireland and owning a pub like the one near the sea in the film Leap Year (we love our chick flicks!)

KCH said...

Do tell what that amazing embossed beauty is...and the other beautiful gifts! Would love to hear more! Glad you were born :)

Molly Roberson said...

Wow. Your perspective is beautiful. truly.

Kristina said...

Looking forward to a great evening with friends. We'll cheer on our national soccer team who are going to play against the Dutch team in the European soccer championships. It's gonna be a great night :)

dhhargrove said...

Looking forward to the awesome privilege of serving the Re|Engage Ministry tonight and getting a front-row seat to the stories of how God has done / is doing amazing things in the lives of marriages.

Frankie Bird said...

Perspective is a wonderful thing... sadly those things that often give birth to it are not and are impossible to understand. I am praying for that little three year old x

Brooke said...

What is that amazing stamp set in the picture? I love the looks of it.

And perspective shifts so easily, I love how it can happen in a moment.

jessica erin said...

Where does one go to pick blueberries here!?

Ashley G. said...

I am excited for my meeting tonight: preparing for a relief trip to Japan!

Also, that succulent is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends who has been in Hawaii/Cambodia for the past 6 months for YWAM gets home in 11 days! Also, Britt gets home from Craig Hospital sometime in the next two weeks! Looking forward to sweet reunions and tears of joy:)


Today's Letters said...

han, owning a pub by the sea in ireland #dreamy

kch & brooke, embossed beauty is a yim yames album from my sweet friend mols. she knows me well! ball jar was a gift from my mom. journals were from my friend mags. stamp set was from my friend steph, and the air plant was one of my gifts from sweet twinner.
they all made me feel so loved and known!

mmr, so thankful to call you dear friend #kindred

kristina, hope your night with friends was amazing!

david, you always serve behind the scenes so faithfully. love that.

fb, well said*

jess, we like bailey's berry farm but they are closed for the season. they recommend a place in Quitman TX. Gary Paris H. (903) 763-2801 C.(903) 497-6028 982 N. State Hwy 37. Www.the-blueberry-farm.com
Quitman TX 75783

ash, japan? how amazing is that! hope your mtg got you even more excited about your upcoming adventure.

joc, such good news re: britt. can't believe she'll soon be home! def want pics. hug your mom for me. xoxo

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