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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Mr. Loerke, drawing me rainbow trout shaded in colored pencil? Reason #273 why boy roommates are awesome. Dear Triple Digits, here's to swamp ass and organ failure. Good thing we have snow cones. Dear Eight Unfinished Books On My Desk, is it wrong to wish that adults still had required reading before recess? You make me crave evenings at home. Dear Timothy James, after 3 weeks our AC is finally fixed. {Clothing is of course, still optional}.

Happy freaking Monday, Homies! Summer is officially here! What are you most looking forward to to? {Insert 8pm sunsets, late night bici rides, and homemade pickles being the perfect wingman to our BLT's}.


Han said...

According to my Goodreads account I have 12 books on the go. I know for sure I have three because I keep alternating between "Why Pro-Life?", "Elsewhere" and "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". Then again "Everybody Lies" which is a anthropology/sociology book based on the main premise from House still on the go - I think it's under my bed or packed in a box now.

I wish I had a day job that meant I could read - I only get to read at work when the phone lines and internet goes down and the filing is all done. Then again we'd probably need a full power outage for it to really happen lol.

Mindy said...


You must try this watermelon lime slushie. Super yummy and refreshing in the summer. I use maple syrup for the sweetener and it is sooo good.

amycallahan said...

what are the 8 unfinished books on your desk? :)

Molly Roberson said...

fishing in alaska (crossing off #5 on the BL), black cherry tomatoes for breakfast , lunch , & dinner, & seeing friends in ridiculously hot conditions where the air is dry & the pavement melts your sneaks.

Erin Toews said...

Hubby & I do not have A/C in the house OR the car. Everyday is clothing optional...

... The road trip across the country should be fun!!

kate said...

Just wanted you to know that I still love your blog. Your sweet posts continually remind me of how perfect the little things are. Keep being you!

Rachel said...

Everything! Currently i am enjoying eating ice-cream for dinner with this heat and taking dips in the river. Summer is always fun here in Colorado. My hoobie and i will be celebrating our 1yr at the end of the summer :)

Anonymous said...

We're going back to the states to visit for two weeks and await the arrival of my niece!

Today's Letters said...

han, a dozen books. you've got me beat girl!

mindy, thanks for the recipe. still not eating maple syrup from #whole30, but will be sure and check out the recipe!

the dharma bums by kerouac
love does by bob goff
love medicine by louise erdrich
the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society by shaffer&barrows
bringing it to the table by w.berry
the meaning of marriage by t.keller
unbroken by hillenbrand
and a walk across america by jenkins

mmr, i need pics of #5bl (you know this). and #bctoms 3x's a day. done.

erin, excited for your road trip!!!

kate, you're sweet. thanks for your kind words.

rach, colorado summers. can't beat them. ice cream for dinner = #perfect. congrats on (almost) 1yr!

lostintravels, too good! hope your time here is good to you.

R said...

shocker of shockers for us...our family is moving from DFW to tyler! husby was given a promotion out of the blue, and though i never thought it was in the cards, our little family o' five is moving away from our bio & church families & beginning a new adventure in sweet east texas. can't wait to see how it unfolds. totally relying on the Lord!

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