{Wash. by Bon Iver} iTunes Session

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This week iTunes released seven remastered tracks by Mr. Vernon and the boys. Most of you know I've had a longtime weakness for Re:Stacks, but Wash. is what I listen to almost most every night before falling asleep. Yep. It's. just. that. good.

{Bon Iver Denver :: Bon Iver San Francisco :: Bon Iver Dallas}

iTunes Session - Bon Iver


Robyn said...

i've just downloaded this song-perfect for weekends

sarah richmond said...

'we're sewing up through the latchet greens/ un-peel, honey, bean for bean'

all kinds of thanks for posting this... It's all kinds of right*

(wash)ing my soul while I work today. heavenly*

lub yew, bubby

Molly Roberson said...

wow. bubby is spot on.
I'm growing like the quickening hues.
home, we're savage high.
come, we finally cry.

Today's Letters said...

@robyn, this song should come with a warning label! #addictive hope you're weekend's been lovely.

@srichmond22 @mmr you two in the same room is going to be out. of. control. oct, come quick!

sarah richmond said...

"oh and we don it,
Because its right"

(@mollyrob, yes and yes*) listen, repeat

Emee: you make my heartbox swell. so incredible being your twinner*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for real. Just what we needed for these cold rainy days in Melbourne :)

Blogging this for my Friday links!

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