{Why I said "Yes" to Food for the Hungry}

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Most of you know that Tim and I got to speak at a leadership conference in Uganda back in March. It was an amazing experience. So why go back to Africa just four months & no vacation time later? Easy.

There simply isn't an organization I trust more than Food for The Hungry. They've been around for over 40 years, work in 26 different countries, and have almost 50,000 kids in their child sponsorship program.

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They also operate under a 12 year exit strategy, which means you won't find $20K worth of rusty tractors sitting in empty fields because communities are uninformed on how to use or repair them.

Steve Corbett, co-author of one of my favorite books is also a former Food for The Hungry director. {If you haven't read When Helping Hurts, be sure and add it to your list! It's an AMAZING book}.

I'll be traveling to Ethiopia July 9th-16th with bloggers Daniel White, Alece Ronzino, Alli Worthington, Alysa Bajenaru, Kristen Howerton, Lindsey Nobels, and photographer David Molnar. {Holy shiz, these people are amazing. Like for real}.

We'll be visiting different schools, libraries, water wells, and child-headed households currently
receiving relief, rehabilitation, and restoration from Food for the Hungry, as well as blogging about our trip each day. We'll also be hosting a LIVE Twitter chat on July 12th so be sure and mark your calendars!

A sweet friend recently asked what I'm most looking forward to about being in Ethiopia. Without hesitation I said meeting our sponsored kiddo. Moti is 9 years old, in the 2nd grade, and his favorite subject is science. Can't wait to wrap my arms around this dude and tell him how brave he is. It truly is amazing the life change that can happen between two people while exchanging letters over oceans. Those kids look forward to letters from their adoptive families more than anything else, including the food, clothing, and education they receive. A great reminder that there are many things that can change a life ...

I remember Katie Davis once saying that caring for the poor can often feel like "emptying the ocean with an eyedropper... just when you have about half a cup full of water, it rains." I know it may not seem significant to sponsor just one child in a village of many, but I can tell you firsthand that it's worth it. If you're at all interested in learning more about child sponsorship feel free to click on the FH banner on our sidebar. May we not grow weary in doing good as we seek to be faithful to provide for those in need!

Much love,


happydally said...

I hope one day I'll be able to meet my sponsored child Norah Wanda in Kenya. I'm so happy for you.

Robyn said...

i'm glad you have something you feel you can support from far away and know you are helping those that need help

Betsie said...

Hey Emily,

I have been reading your blog now for a year or so! I enjoy it so much, and have loved following you and Tim and seeing the Lord work in your life. I have told many of my recently married friends to follow your blog :).

I read this and am overjoyed for you! I am moving to Ethiopia for the next year to teach... in an area outside of Addis... it's an incredible non-profit dedicated to kids in the area of Yetebon southwest of the city. It's called Project Mercy.. Would love for you all to hear about it before your trip over!

You can find out more about it on projectmercy.org.


Han said...

You're so amazing and inspiring lovely lady!

My Mum sponsors a little boy called Mussa via Compassion UK. he's a sweetie and I say hi to his picture every time I stand in my Mum's office - I think she and my brother think I'm bonkers but you know what I don't care what they think!

Taylor Dukehart said...

I am currently reading When Helping Hurts, and its rockin' my world and shockin' my socks off. Talk about heart puke from conviction after conviction of my western material focused view of poverty. Enjoy the trip my friends!

Heather said...

I love that you have this trip coming up and that it is with food for the hungry. I have kept my eye on the organization for awhile....please beg them to get some PA involvement!

Molly Roberson said...

I'm excited! This is too good!

Today's Letters said...

hd, i hope so too! a bucket list experience fo sho.

robyn, james 1:27 & james 4:17... can't ignore these truths! have no choice.

bestie, you're so sweet! excited for your new adventure in addis. looking forward to checking out projectmercy :)

han, love that you say hi to Mussa's photo. #toocute

taylor, isn't it such a good read? #killerbook, one everyone should dive into.

heather, they are an amazing org. you'll continue to be impressed.

mmr, wish i could put you in my pack! we need to visit africa together sometime before pati & bali.

Mary DeMuth said...

Alece and Lindsey are friends. Hug them for me!

Today's Letters said...

mary, glad you found us! will def tackle alece and linds for you.

elle + josh said...

i was so happy to hear about your FH trip to ethiopia! i worked in peru with FH for three years, '99-'02. what an amazing experience + organization. (steve corbett was my trainer for our 3-week, pre-field orientation). can't wait to follow your trip through your blog!

Today's Letters said...

girl, i didn't know you worked for FH! that's crazy! just fell in love with the garrel's clan a little more ... (as if that was even possible).

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