{Ethiopia Day 4!}

Friday, July 13, 2012

This morning started off with another torrential downpour and a macchiato. It was perfect.

Then we drove 30 mi to Jiddo on flooded roads flanked by Acacia trees. Our Land Cruiser is #boss.

Upon arriving we were welcomed by these beautiful faces.

Who always come running.  Most of the time they love seeing "foreigners."

Especially when you teach them how to say words in English like ears, eyes, and nose.

They also like it when you pick them up and give them hugs. LOTS AND LOTS OF HUGS.

But sometimes a white girl from Texas can be too overwhelming for a rover to handle. #denied

These people are beautiful. Full of color and proud owners of things that can't be bought. #character

Owners of chickens and goats who have learned to respect the land and harvest.

They are also incredibly hard workers. Here they are working alongside of FH to build a high school.

Until now, kids in Jiddo have only been able to get an education through the 8th grade.

But thanks to FH, the government, and the community, enough money has been raised to start building. 

The rest of our day was spent traveling around to different villages visiting some of the kids who are sponsored through FH. This is my friend Alysa who got to meet her sponsored child, Chereka. These types of meetings are some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Truly. They moved me to tears several times today. I was also able to meet our sweet boy, Moti! Holy cow. Still overwhelmed by how sweet, handsome, and full of life he was. I'll be writing a separate post tomorrow about our time together. It was truly AMAZING.

Until then, know that I struggle to find the words to clearly communicate how impressed I've been with Food for the Hungry. The work God is doing through this organization in Africa and all over the world is humbling beyond words. FH has been around for over 40 years and their commitment to respond to both physical and spiritual hunger and work alongside of churches, leaders, and families to overcome poverty is truly inspiring. 1,029 kids are still waiting to be sponsored. To find out more how you can help go here.

Happy freaking Friday, Homies!


Molly Roberson said...

YAY! Education, goats, & chickens--so much goodness. Thanks for the update Em. I'm totally encouraged. Can't wait to hear about your time with Moti.

sarah richmond said...

dear emee,

know that your words, like string, are attached to each and every heart string...

you are reaching people*

like me.

ears. eyes. noses. did you teach them the word "fist pump?"

love you like i mean it*

miss(ing) you,

kristen said...

Amazing pictures, amazing people! So fun to meet Moti! Love your posts! You do neede some fist pump, leg shimmy pics:) prayers from Dallas!

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAY! so happy to hear that you met your boy! (and thank you, dear em, for bring us on your adventure with you...we wouldn't have missed it for the world!)

Timothy Loerke said...

Loved this post! I love seeing your work! I'll be happy to have you home but part of me will miss these Ethi posts. Unless you want to do Ethi posts every now and then? Miss you!

caitlin said...

loving this! hope you are having a great time! just couldn't help myself but take the tiny eetsy beetsy chance that you might go to Zeway-Chereka and meet the cutest 7 year old boy of all times- named Biruk. If you meet him, he's one cool kid, our recently sponsored little buddy. please hug him for the clydes and let him know he is loved like crazy! Have fun!

caitlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
caitlin said...

ps. loving your hair wavy.

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