{Ethiopia Day 5!}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On our second to last day in Ethiopia we visited a few more of FH's Child-Headed Households.

Littles always ran out to meet us.

Old souls consistently welcomed us with warm smiles.

And Rovers pushed to listen in.

We met a 17 year old boy named, Bona, who lost both of his parents to AIDS. He shared with us that through his FH sponsorship he's now first in his class, studying to take his 12th grade exams, and dreaming of one day becoming a doctor. This dude's life has literally been changed as a result of being in FH's child sponsorship program for the past 7 years.

We also met 16 year old, Mehret, who is currently caring for her two siblings, Bedilu (8) and Lydia (14) who are both HIV positive. FH stepped in 2 years ago and has been providing food, clothing, legal support for their inheritance, a lavatory in their house, and has since trained Mehret to be a hairdresser so she could help provide for her family. Three lives, once marked by suicide and darkness, now being embraced and cared for by their community.

Lastly, we spent time with an amazing 13 year old boy named Jibril. He lives in a hut with his 4 younger siblings, acting as the head of their house. No parents. Just him. He is currently in the 3rd grade thanks to having recently been given the opportunity to attend school through his FH sponsorship. Pretty sure I've never met a stronger 13 year old boy.

In fact, every child we met impressed me with their strength ...

Their bravery ...

Their humility ...

Their determination ...

Their meekness ...

And their joy. 

{All photos taken by David Molnar}
After being home for almost a week I'm still trying to process all that I saw and experienced in Ethiopia. I feel encouraged, broken, and grateful for all that FH is humbly helping those in need. Lives are truly being changed!

I know several of you have already signed up to sponsor a child. THANK YOU! I can't tell you how much of an impact your letters and monthly financial commitment are going to make. For those of you who would still like more information on FH or about sponsoring a child or an entire Child-Headed Household go here.

And thanks for being patient with me as I get my last couple of Ethiopia posts written! I was able to spend the weekend at the Ranch with a dear friend doing a bit of reflecting and resting, and am now happy to announce that I'm officially over jet lag. Praise the Great Lion of Judah.

Happy Tuesday, Homies!


Kristina said...

It's so good to hear from you again! I'm sure the time spent away from the blogging world was much needed and I hope it helped you process all the wonderful but probably hard to process things that you got to experience on your trip. You are so brave for going out there and writing about your trip to inspire other people to help!

J said...

I'm glad you've gotten a chance to reflect and rest and catch up on life. I've looked through the pictures in this post several times, and I'm struck by the beauty of these sweet faces. I'm so happy you were able to take this trip, Em!


Danielle Meier said...

Hi there Em- I just wanted to say that I can't express how your experiences in Ethiopia have inspired me. So touching and hopeful. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories!

Danielle in Olympia, Washington

Serene said...

I am so in to sponsor a kid with my kiddos. Question.... is there a place where one can sponsor a child-headed household?

Molly Roberson said...

Em-you are the most encouraging person ever. Thank you for writing. I am so inspired.
More than bb pancakes cooked in the cast iron skillet & sitting by the pond as the cicadas sing.

Today's Letters said...

kristina, thanks for your sweet words! i will be processing this trip for many years to come. such an amazing opportunity.

j, me too! a gift that i most certainly didn't deserve. #grateful

danielle, wow. thank you for taking the time to follow my trip! it really is humbling to see lives literally being changed by a simple monthly commitment. it's crazy good.

serene, yes! if you'd like to sponsor a specific CHH or child def call this FH number: 1-800-248-6437 they can help connect you to the right kid(s).

mmr, you're nuts girl! so grateful for your friendship. more than thrifted patagonia shorts and mcc ice cream.

Sienna and Emilee said...

I love the idea of a letter themed blog. So cool.

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