{Ethiopia Day 6!}

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On our last day in Ethiopia we spent an afternoon on Lake Ziway.

We piled into this boat.

All 18 of us, oh yes we did.

And put hope in our boat captain to take us to see hippos.

And hippos we did see!

We also saw eagles, herons, cranes, and lots of Egyptian ducks.

I even got to fly fish on two different islands.

Daniel and I didn't catch anything but we had an amazing time trying.

Looking back I still can't believe I got asked to be on this trip.

{Photos by David Molnar}

The FH Staff (Daniel White, Crystal Hutchinson, Paige Orth) reminded me the importance of being present, committed, and available to serve and love those in need. Everything they did down to the smallest detail was done with excellence. Wow. Never have I been on an overseas trip that has been so well planned and prepared. So humbled by these guys!

And the bloggers I traveled with (Alli Worthington, Lindsey Nobles, Kristen Howerton, Alece Ronzino, Alysa Bajenaru) ... Sheesh. Amazing! All so different, so wise, and such talented writers. My heart and brainbox will be able to draw from the things these 5 women taught me for months to come!

Thank you for experiencing this journey with me over the past several weeks. Your emails and comments have been humbling to say the least. I'll continue to give you updates on FH's child sponsorship program as well as keep you posted on our sweet boy Moti!

Happy Wednesday,


Alyssa said...

We're so glad that you went back to Ethiopia! What a strengthening trip, and such a blessing to meet your sponsored child! Not many people get to do that. :)

Molly Roberson said...


Meg said...

fun times! I can't imagine how great it was.

J said...

Oh my gosh, the hippo pictures are amazing! I can't imagine getting to see something like that. Incredible. I'm also glad you got to fly fish. I know you'd been looking forward to that! And thank you so much for bringing the FH child sponsorship program into my mind. I got my first letter from my sweet girl today and I'm in love already :) :)

Happy Wednesday!


Bethany said...

Was one of the women the leader of an organization in South Africa called Thrive Africa? I was looking at some of the pictures and recognized that woman from a trip I took with Global Expeditions six years ago! Feels like such a small world! (Not that I actually know you, but I'm a long-time reader so I feel like I do. Ha!)


Today's Letters said...

al, def a gift to meet moti. feel so lucky to have met him!

mrr, post PCT. get ready.

meg, fun, challenging, humbling. all of the above. #sogood

julie, yes! so encouraged that you sponsored a kiddo. love that you already got your first letter. worked on a package to moti yesterday!

bethany, alece ronzino?? she's amazing! so glad you had the privilege of meeting her. a good egg, that girl...

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