{Gratitude} Lately

Monday, July 02, 2012

Thankful for this bowl full of bingers that tasted like Summer.

For these friends who constantly remind me to take risks and travel light.

For concerts at the Fillmore to look forward to this Fall.

For this shirt and how good it looks on him.

For Twinner who has finally learned how to post photos on Instagram.

For this truck that inspires me to scour Craigslist.

For night paddles at the lake and the peace they bring.

For new adventures and a pack I don't deserve.

For Legal Ground's granola {still the best I've ever tasted}.

For scars that tell a story.

For homemade goat's milk soap that reminds me of home.

And for dill that made this potato salad taste freaking ridiculous. In the midst of all these amazing things I've cried twice in the last week and have asked for Tim's forgiveness at least a half a dozen times. Life can be hard. Relationships can be hard. But there are always things that make our days full and good.

Happy freaking Monday, Homies. What was the best part of your weekend? Any plans for the 4th of July??


Han said...

I took part in a car treasure hunt - we came second because the team in second collected an item that gave them -50 not +50 so we sneaked into second place!

Me and my Mumma walked a 5k race thing for Cancer Research UK. Each year we try to go faster than the year before but because there was rain coming my Mum's knees were playing up. I ran the last 200-300ms and came in at about 1hour 2minutes. I want to be able to run or at least joke the next one but my worries make me believe I can't do it and that I suck at it.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

I love your gratitude list - beautiful! Now I want to know your scar story :) Have a great rest of the week!

Robyn said...

night paddles-a beautiful life

Mary said...

Thanks for always reminding me that there are always things to be grateful for even when life and relationships are difficult! Your blog is like a breath of fresh air.

Dana said...

Grateful for you Em. Even though I don't know you and you don't know me...I thank God for you and Tim.

Have a great week!

Molly Roberson said...

WOW! So grateful for you Em. All of these things make me smile so much. I still can't believe I get to be in your life--I've never been happier. You inspire & encourage me more & more everyday. I am thankful for your beautiful heart. You are amazing.
PS-come to AK already, I have to catch a fish with you.

Today's Letters said...

han, you can totally do it! i used to not be able to run for longer than 2 min. slow and steady girl ...

sheila, my younger brother noah was learning how to use a fork. was feeding him mac-n-cheese when he flailed his arms too much. love that it makes me think of him! he's almost 22 now.

robyn, the best, those night paddles. sheesh.

mary, may He be your biggest breath.

mmr, catch a fish we must! btw, 4 days in the back country with benj and a compass. #praying

sarah richmond said...

Heart you more than earybird on insta and a bowl of bingers*

Kris said...

If you can get your mitson some, I highly recommend some GrandyOats granola. Made in a great old barn on the Maine/NH border. (I'd love to send you some, but have recently transplanted myself to Belgium!)

Anonymous said...

Who der boyandgur you be gratefa fo? I hate them beer drinka types. I'm grateful fo turkey an gravy and predatory birds...they the shi!

Today's Letters said...

twinner, more than sunrises at vollmer peak and a 3 digit tip day at the airstream.

kris, belgium? crazytown. why are you there missing out on all of your granola goodness??

anony, dat boiandgur wanna sherrr der 40 wif ya. give dem a chance yo.

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