{Ode to Summer by Kinfolk & Happy 4th!}

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer: Marked by 8pm sunsets, bici rides, and evenings on the front porch. Happy Independence Day, Littles. What are your plans?? We'll be spending the day with friends grilling burgers and watching the Lakewood fireworks. Simple. So needed. Perfect.


Han said...

We have connect group tonight but I have a holiday club meeting that I think I need to go to so I might give Connect Group a miss.

Need to tidy the garden too it's a bit of a bomb site - then again it keeps raining.

Happy Independence Day lovelies!!!

Erin Toews said...

No fireworks for us. Bummer! There are too many fires here, so most of the Black Hills area canceled their shows. Perhaps hubby and I will grill out and watch fireworks on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Obsessed with that video, thanks for sharing:)


PS-we had a bunch of friends and family over last night (I even had a Kamp friend visit) for food, fun, four square, and night games. It was perfect.

dhhargrove said...

Spent the evening walking the Chihuly exhibit with my son and his wife, and watching the the moonrise as I drove them home.

Today's Letters said...

han, garden bomb site. sometimes they have a mind of their own.

erin, did you get to see any fireworks? we saw some last night while sitting in the bed of a truck with some of our friends. #perfect4th

joc, you with kamp friends makes me so happy! xoxo

d, been meaning to see the exhibit. ride past it every sat on my bici. love moonrises. moon shadows are even better.

Erin Toews said...

The only fireworks we saw were ones on the movie the Count of Monte Cristo.

Forest fires are unfortunate. Jesus send the rain!

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