{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, August 31, 2012

{Jessie & Olivia : 2 Day Hike at Otaki Forks : New Zealand : Trailhead : August 2012}

{Josiah & Em : Sunset Rock : Lookout Mountain : Tennessee : Engagement Photo : August 2012}

{Kimberly, Jessica, Erin & Sarah : University of Alabama : Sozo Children's Dinner : August 2012}

{Amanda, Kayla & Jocelyn : Taylor University : Coldplay Concert : Chicago : August 2012}

{Caroline, Leanne & Lacey : Auburn University : First Date Party of the Year : Tacky Prom : August 2012}

{Molly Ann Magee Roberson : Louisville State Fair : FPF Challenge Photo : August 2012}

Thanks to Molls we've now completed one more of our FPF challenges! Take a photo of you and your Homies 1) while riding an elephant 2) with your mailman 3) in front of Antique Archaeology in Nashville 4) with Twinner at Local123 5) at your favorite BBQ joint 6) at the Pyramids in Egypt 7) at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo 8) after running a marathon 9) in front of the Sistine Chapel in Rome 10) in front of your sorority / fraternity house 11) at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC 12) with your grandma or grandpa 13) with your favorite professor or teacher 14) at Caine's Arcade 15) by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco 16) with Katie Davis in Uganda or at Catalyst Dallas 17) on a sailboat 18) while cheering on your favorite team at the ballpark 19) in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia 20) camping with friends 21) at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC 22) at Old Faithful in WY 23) at the Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox Statue in Bemidji, MN 24) at the World's Largest Peanutin Ashburn, GA 25) before / after sky diving 26) while stuffing your boca with fried goodness at your local State Fair 27) on top of Mount Agung in Bali 28) with Naomi, Josh, Eleanor or Samson Davis of Rockstar Diaries 29) while fly fishing 30) in front of your favorite brewery 31) on top of the Empire State building in NYC 30) with the Fremont Bridge Troll in Seattle 32) at Carhenge in Alliance, NE or 33) with your friends at a college football game. To participate email photos to em@todaysletters.com. And most importantly, Happy freaking Friday, Homies!

{Indigo Girls & The Dallas Symphony Orchestra}

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last night some friends and I saw the Indigo Girls perform with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Wow. Talk about an amazing show! They played several old songs which took me back to high school when Twinner and I used to drive home from soccer practice screaming this song at the tops of our lungs. We. were. cool. Halfway through last night's performance of "Feed and Water the Horses" my friend Beck leaned over and whispered, "Keep things simple, Em" Sheesh ... Needed that reminder. Beck's known me since I was 17 and is aware of my tendencies to have analysis paralysis when processing bigger decisions. So here's to great music made even better with stringed instruments, and to friends who remind us that less is more. Happy Thursday, homies. Hope your day is marked by simple things like feeding and watering the horses.

{Husband's Letters} San Juan Edition

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Em, You left me speechless in New Mexico because of all the fish you caught. I know you would never tell anyone, but you caught 24 and I only caught 8. You're UH-MAZE-ING!!! I'm also convinced you're part trout. Dear Don the River Guide, You taught me many things. One being to stand vertical in a rain storm so my pants stay dry. Most importantly, you reminded me to ask for my wife's forgiveness when I cross my line with hers, and that fishing is more about being patient and grateful than it is about landing a big catch. Dear Abe's Fly Shop & Motel, Can't wait to come back next year! You were the perfect place to rest our heads after a full day on the river. Dear Mrs. Loerke, you were quite the trooper being the only girl on this 3 guy trip. Know that I'm proud of you and blessed to be married to a bad ass fisher-woman!

What has made you proud about your spouse/significant other lately?

{San Juan River} New Mexico

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Thursday, Tim and I left for New Mexico around 4am. It was early, but road trips make me happy.

Our first stop was for donuts in Quanah, TX. Carol Lee made us a mean maple twist, oh yes she did.

As we passed through Elk City we said the Pledge of Allegiance every time we saw a flag. (487 times).

We also stopped at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. Ten caddies buried nose first into the ground? #amazeballs

Have I mentioned how happy road trips make me? The happiest!

So many good things to see while driving like blue skies and barbed wire fences.

Windmills and cactus.

Elk crossings.

And cabins tucked away at the base of tablelands. #yes

After lots of detours, we finally made it to Abe's Motel & Fly Shop. Yep, it's both. A fly shop & a motel.

It's the kind of place where fishing wader hang outside to dry and everyone orders "the special" and a cold Michelob for dinner. Simple perfection.

Abe's is also the place where you'll find old Wagoneers covered in Patagonia stickers and adorned with trout hood ornaments. I would have offered to buy this one, but I knew the owner would never part with it.

After checking in to our motel, we headed to the Texas Hole to wade fish. Yep. Just me and the dudes.

I had fun catching my first rainbow on a dry fly. I also may have smoked some of Gary's cigar. Also, fun.

We fished until the sun went down and our bodies craved our biscuits more than the river. It was a perfect day, really.

The next morning we met, Don, our guide who took us out for a full day of boat fishing. He's amazing.

We caught lots of bows. Here's Tim with his first, a beautiful 13" rainbow trout.

This guy was handsome too.

Here's my first bow of the day, an 18"er caught just before the storm rolled in.

Catching fish made this dude really happy.

As did me. 22" rainbow.

My first brownie.

And my favorite fish of the day, a 24" hog that ran for 10 minutes.

At the end of the day the San Juan had given us 32 bows. Talk about a good day on the river!

One would think we'd be done fishing after 9 hours on the river, but nope. After dinner we headed back to the Texas Hole to wade fish until dark.

This was one of my moments of our trip.

Eventually we retired our rods and came back into town just in time to shower and go to sleep.

The next morning we found ourselves back at the Texas Hole wade fishing for a couple of hours before getting on the road.

Overall, our fly fishing trip to New Mexico was one of the most amazing trips I've ever been on. I hope your weekend was equally as memorable! Labor Day is just around the corner. What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

{San Juan River}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This morning we left at the crack for our fly fishing trip to New Mexico. Here's to lots of good music, a few books on tape, and a stop at Cadillac Ranch to make this 15 hour drive memorable. Can't wait.

{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thankful for memories made with my wombmate.

For shaky legs after a ride at the lake.

For road trips that begin before the sunrise.

For unexpected flight vouchers that keep far away friends close.

For mid-day coffee breaks at Crooked Tree.

For mango nectarines that taste of summer's end.

For this dude who I get to kiss every day.

For the excuse to stop at roadside fruit stands.

For fishing waders worn in the house.

And for good food and even better friends. What have you been grateful for lately? Learning gratitude turns everything into enough. {Still learning}.

{Kipp Krusa Handmade Guitars}

Monday, August 20, 2012

The world is a better sounding place thanks to Kipp Krusa. {Music performed by James Scott on a Baritone Krusa}.

{Today's Letters}

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Mr. Loerke, Saturday night you took on a lac repair patient 10 minutes before your shift ended. I love that you're a team player and always finish work strong. Dear Hair, It's been 33 days since I brushed you. Holy amazeballs. Best. Decision. Ever. Dear AWG, Driving 9 hours to see you for lunch on Friday was an easy decision. We've had lemonade stands together, smoked our first pack of cigarettes (and puked) together, and spent many summers skinny dipping at Beaver Lake. Childhood besties for life 'yo. Dear Husband, Unlearning fear is much harder than I thought. Thanks for being patient with me as I discover that wanting something is better than being afraid of it.

Happy freaking Monday, friends! Who was your childhood bestie and what's one of your favorite memories together?

{Manos Pottery Studio: Karin Eriksson}

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lately I've had an itch to learn how to throw on the potters wheel. If any of you know of someone in the Dallas area who can teach me, please let me know! Happy Sunday, Littles.

{Slow it Down by the Lumineers}

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Currently the most played song at Casa de Loerke. Perfect for sliding into your Saturday morning.

Slow It Down - The Lumineers
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