{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thankful for memories made with my wombmate.

For shaky legs after a ride at the lake.

For road trips that begin before the sunrise.

For unexpected flight vouchers that keep far away friends close.

For mid-day coffee breaks at Crooked Tree.

For mango nectarines that taste of summer's end.

For this dude who I get to kiss every day.

For the excuse to stop at roadside fruit stands.

For fishing waders worn in the house.

And for good food and even better friends. What have you been grateful for lately? Learning gratitude turns everything into enough. {Still learning}.


Han said...

Gratitude - for the educations that me and my girl cousin V are blessed with - in some countries we wouldn't have the opportunities that we have here in the UK.

She's going to Uni in like four weeks to study Psychology! Rock On!!!!

Frankie Bird said...

I'm grateful for

...having friends that let us stay for 2 weeks (and counting)
...feeling the sun shine on me every day since we got to the south of France
...for having music to keep me working when it feels to hot and humid to
...for having a home city as amazing as London to miss thoroughly

and for your blog which always makes me re-examine my priorities and perspective a little,

Frankie x

Raegan Alicia Messinger said...

I love Crooked Tree! Definintely something to be thankful for :)

Anonymous said...

Grateful for :

. a dishwasher (seems lame, but I really am -- long story!)

. the ease of grocery shopping again after living somewhere that it was difficult

. children who don't have any special needs when it comes to education

(thanks for your prompt!)

R said...

oooo, i needed this perspective shift this morning!

i'm thankful for lazy summer days with nowhere to be. which is all about to change when school starts for my first grader next week...trying to savor these last few days.

Joanna said...

Lovely post! Today I'm grateful for sore legs from my run, birthdays, and my avocado buffalo chicken wrap for lunch (among other things)

Papa said...

For an unexpected visit from Ashley last night that allowed us to sit on the front porch and talk about the days the three of you grew up on the block. She thanked us for the freedom we gave you three girls to live freely, and sometimes without swimming suits, as that apparently prepared her for living in Europe.... We are such prudes here in the US! She is still such a joy in our lives.

Mindy Fresh said...

Grateful for a little girl that makes me laugh, think, and practice patience daily - a little boy who loves fiercely ( insert kisses with baby bites) - a husband who loves me no matter how fussy I am - and an extended family that supports us!!!

nicole said...

amen to "Learning gratitude turns everything into enough." still learning over here too.

thebookwormgiraffe said...

Thankful for mummy who lets me call her and bawl whenever I need to,for a little pup called Genie who gets into eveything,is always excited to see me and is a complete diva,for a lovely lovely flat to live in,for this really really hot summer,for my bike,for Marco,for this blog that makes me smile...and most importantly for a God who answers prayer.

Molly said...

The baby flutters in my belly I just got to feel for the first time the other night, celebrating our one year anniversary, a free 20" macbook desktop computer (my first computer of my own ever!), and a purchased flight to see my TU girls for girls' weekend in Dallas in October!!! Woohoo. So much good. :)

Ashley G. said...

this week i am thankful for the psalms. God knew what he was doing when he put those in the bible :)

Sarah Wilson said...

I am greatful for:
-Living in a country where I can worship a loving God

-My teaching partner

-Big Bang Theory

-Dates with good friends

-Inspiring people

Thank you so much for this blog and the positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

today- grateful for my sweet hubby, who loves me much more than I could have ever hoped for (save from Christ), and for the wonderful memories of our wedding 10 months ago today. so good. we are so blessed.

btw, your last blog on gratitude lately inspired me. I am blogging one thing I am grateful for every day for a year. Thank you...it's already created a much needed shift in my focus throughout each day.


Molly Roberson said...

Roasted carrots, two little ones that make me smile everyday, a good man that takes walks with me after dinner, & friends that stay close even when they're far away.

Anonymous said...

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Ryan and Sara said...

Thankful for my beautiful and delicious baby who is perfectly healthy, my sleeping husband laying next to me, and tiger's blood ice cream cones at Arctic Circle! Um, hello!!?! So tasty. PS: freaking love your blog! No, really. It's awesome. :)

Rachel said...

Thankful for cousins with toolboxes who will come and fix my table for me. :)

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