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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dear Mr. Loerke, One year ago today I was racing in the KAW100 for Branch McKeaigg. You and dad were my biggest fans, most faithful encouragers, and the most sacrificial ground crew a paddler could ever ask for. So grateful to have made this memory with you. Dear August 1st, Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first of tha month. Thanks for already being one of my favorite months this year. So many good things ahead! Dear Main Street Garden, you just upped Dallas' taco quotient. One word: SHELLYEAH. Dear Timothy James, You work hard, you play hard. Know that I admire and respect both of these things about you!

Happy freaking Wednesday! What's been one of your favorite months so far this year? July will always go down in the history books for me with traveling to Ethiopia, meeting Moti, and spending time recovering from the African booty flu at The Ranch. Yep. Had that shiz for 9 days. Worth it? Most definitely.


Papa said...

I worked this years 340 race at the ramp in Waverly, MO yesterday. Could not quit thinking of you and your hard work last year and dream of you and me doing the 340 next year. Training for it? Who needs training when you have such a wonderful daughter and I would just love to be able to sit in a "yak" and paddle off downstream to St. Charles. It would be a tandem with the the oldest racer and the most beautiful. How could we not love that photo caption!

Han said...

January - Our Sidekick was officially made a looked after child - some people would see this as sucking because it means he was officially taken into care but it means that he has an official support network now. He's got a social worker, he's got them on his side if he needs them.

April - The Fountain opened and Chris spent like two weeks living and breathing it to try and get it ready and opened. Sort of in return My friend Libs and my Mum organised a surprise birthday party for me with pizza and cake. Unfortunately I felt a bit poorly thankfully after taking some painkillers and a chill out by myself for a few minutes I felt a whole bunch better and was able to enjoy my party - I refused to allow myself to be ill at my own birthday party!!

July - our first proper holiday with Our Sidekick we went to Bristol with a road trip to Cardiff for the day.

Dana said...

July for sure! So many good things about it: summer was in full swing so our family really got to slow down and enjoy life; my 9 day "stay"cation was relaxing and productive and did my heart good to be able to spend more time with the littles (who I realize more and more aren't so little any longer); a long weekend at the lake with all of my in-laws. But the best of all was yesterday...celebrating 19 years of marriage to the man I love so much!

Here's to August! : )

Rachel said...

Every Month has been amazing! I would have to say January because God completely changed my heart's desires. He called my husband and I to full time collegiate ministry that i had no desire to do. This past January he gave me a deep passion for the students and a peace about it. I praise him for that! Also lots of snowshoeing memories and ski'ing in a yak costume

Molly Roberson said...

July was beautiful! Alaska, Kentucky, & Texas were all so good to me!
More than blistered hands from hard work & unexpected extra days spent with sweet friends.

Mary said...

I'd have to say January was my favorite since my husband and I were married on the 7th! I've been loving our sappy newlywed happiness all year!

Also--a friend of mine is competing in the MR340 race this year. Reminder me of our journey last year!

Today's Letters said...

papa, i always love your photo captions! would also love to do the mr340 with you next year. even if we come in dead last, i'd love knowing we paddled in each other's urine for 4 days ;) you can only do that with your most trusted friends! so glad to call you my dad.

han, jan, april, and july ... all great months for you and your sidekick!

dana, 9 day staycation and 19 yrs of marriage?? holy cow! congrats to you and your dude!

rach, skiing in a yak costume sounds like a great story to me...

mrr, july is going to be hard to beat, but something tells me august will be just as good. also sept and oct? #brm #nc #ca #bh more than fly fishing in NM and picking you up in durango! xo

mary, congrats on your recent marriage! fun that you have a friend doing this year's mr340. my papa tells me they've been dropping like flies. keeping my fingers crossed your friend finishes in st. charles!

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