{Food For The Hungry} Update!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Many of you know I traveled back to Africa a couple of months ago with Food For The Hungry. {You can see more photos of our trip here}. I ended up being one of six bloggers who helped spread the message of HOPE through FH's child sponsorship program. Talk about AMAZING.

One of my favorite memories in Ethiopia was meeting our sponsored boy, Moti.

Before meeting him I never truly understood the impact our financial contribution. I quickly learned that child sponsorships mean a renewed spirit for the entire family knowing that at least one child will receive an education. Something I take for granted way too often.

Above are photos of some of you with your newly sponsored child. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
I can't tell you how much of an impact your letters and monthly financial contribution are making.

Tim and I have stayed faithful to writing Moti and to reminding him how brave he is.
{The one thing I whispered in his ear before I left}. 
If any of you would like more information on FH or have questions about sponsoring a child, let me know.
I promise it'll be the best $32 per month you'll ever steward. 

Happy Wednesday, friends.
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Molly Roberson said...

Can we be friends?

Eli Sedlachek said...

Cannot start the day without a few phone calls and letters... Today's Letters. xxx


Justin + Liesl said...

Beautiful photos. My heart is aching.



Julia Andrus Williams said...

Such beautiful photos. I'll be traveling to Ethiopia in at the end of October. I'm looking forward to seeing that country and meeting some of its people. I've been to Africa a few times before, and work for a non-profit that works in Africa, and you're right, these simple contributions do make a huge impact.

Connie Budin said...

So touching to see that others around the world are passionate about caring for and supportive of others who have less than us. For the past year and a half, I have been part of a group of other students who participates in a Kids Against Hungry food organization and sponsors a child through the Sponsor a Child program with Compassion International (http://www.compassion.com) and both events have made a lasting impact on my life and how I view the lives of others.

Seeing these pictures you posted gives me hope that they are benefiting from the money, love, and prayers we send.

Thank you for sharing your experience!
All the best in your continued work.

yes to brightness said...

John Mark Mcmillan just came to our church in San Diego, and he spoke about how his tour is trying to get 500 kids in the same village sponsored through World Vision, and I decided to sponsor a girl from India! I am so excited!! I have never done this mostly because my excuse was being a poor college kid or giving money elsewhere...anyway I'M STOKED :)

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